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Caprice Grim-Ripper

Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Caprice

Deed Name:River Skipper, Grim Ripper, and Sun Seeker

Notable Traits: Thin, wears black feathers, can't hold still, intensive wound on her right arm/wing.

Rank: Adhern

Pack: Project Mayhem

Sept: Sept of the Arch

Position: Master of the Challenge

Breed: Corvid

Helios Excelsior! Caprice, Diego, and the Corax save the sun! 2017


Caprice is 20! 20 months. Fostern corvid from the Arizona/Mexico border. Her kinfolk cousin Kenzie lives near her in Columbus, Ohio. She's always on the move place to place, sept to sept, and topic to topic.

She assisted Diego to cross into the USA from Mexico, and they ran bit by bit into the others who made their pack Project Mayhem. They answered the call to arms to retake Columbus Ohio in 2017. Voice of Rage was taken quickly by Harano. Chayton fell within a month. Gogol sacrificed his life fighting a kracken so that they could get home their caern seed shard to start the Columbus sept.

Diego and Caprice then went to save the sun and met Hyperion in his castle with other Corax. They brought back sunburns and die news of the celestrials and incarna.

Caprice attended the Fera Summit; and witnessed the murder of Caws the Howl.

She claims the top of the Leveque Tower as her personal territory, after winning it from Pecks the Ear.

She challenged and won Master of the Challenge in December of 2017 for the Sept of the Arch.

She traveled to Turtle's Realm in February of 2018, whereupon Turtle awoke, and left her realm to seek vengeance on the Wyrm-Bringers. During this epic quest, Caprice was attacked by a snapping turtle spirit and suffered long lasting injuries to her arm. She also aged 30 physical years for the time she spent within the decaying realm of Turtle. She went from appearing to be about 15, to 45, and gained white streaks in her homid hair. The rapid aging is less visible while corvid but for the slower pace she leaps about.


Part of Project Mayhem with the totem Weasel honored through Tyler Durden. They are all notable for constantly being on the move, starting fights, and being nosy. They claim Carl Frye Park as their territory in Columbus, Ohio.

Members include:

  • Howls like Coyote
  • Diego
  • Twist-Eye
  • Gnaws the Wire

Fallen members:

  • Chayton - Harano
  • Gogol - Death by Kracken
  • Voice of Rage - Harano

Caprice is known as


  • Glorious for defeating the spirits attempting to prevent Mexico / USA crossings. 2016.
  • Wise for Grimly Ripping the eyes of the dead's eyes out to understand how better to assist such crossings. 2016.
  • Honorable for sticking to the rules Pecks the Ear set to prove she is a balanced Corax and more than just a battle bird. Dec. 2017
  • Worthy, for attacking the Doctor again by Sept of Victor's Stand's Alpha, Nemesis, known as Wrath of Artemis. March. 2018

Fleeting Renown

  • Honorable, for coming to Helios' aid and meeting Hyperion, October 2017 from Hyperion
  • Wise, for defending the bawn during the absence of the sun, October 2017 from Issac Swims with Demons, Sept of the Arch
  • Wise, for sneaking into Kings Brewery and following the directions of the Wyrmfoe perfectly, October 2017, Sept of the Arch
  • Glorious, for defeating a Black Spiral Dancer, November 2017, by Attacus Crosby, known as Skin in the Game, Athro Galliard, Glass Walkers. Talesinger for the Sept of the Arch.
  • Honorable, for attacking Kings Brewery and The Doctor of Pueblo Colorado by Ed, February 2018, known as Dawn's First Light, Wyrmfoe for the Sept of Victor's Stand.
  • Honorable, for seeking down, impersonating, and attacking the Battle Research Facility, May 2018, from the Wyrmfoe for Columbus, Ohio.
  • Honorable, for attempting to protect the Sept of White Fields, June 2018, from Den Parent Wassador "WaZ" Mahegan, Sept of the White Fields.

Spent Renown

  • Glorious, for defeating a wyrm jaggling, May 2017, by Attacus Crosby, known as Skin in the Game, Athro Galliard, Glass Walkers. Talesinger for the Sept of the Arch. Used to attempt rank advancement. November 2017
  • Glorious, for exploring the wyrm pit under the Utkena seals, June 2017, by Twist-Eye, Fianna, Ragabash, Bitten Homid. Sept of the Arch. Used to attempt rank advancement. November 2017
  • Glorious, for defeating the fomori of the rig, August 2017, by Lalawethika Greymist, known as Winter's Song, Athro, Windego, Sept Leader, Sept of the White Stone Tower. Used to attempt rank advancement. November 2017
  • Worthy, for attacking Kings Brewery and The Doctor of Pueblo Colorado by the Sept of Victor's Stand's Alpha, Nemesis, known as Wrath of Artemis. Feb. 2018.
Caprice in corvid.

Rumors & What Others are Saying

  • She is insane
  • She is nosy.
  • She doesn't lie.
  • She is quite excitable.
  • "Strangely enough, seeing her bouncy nature makes me feel relaxed. I suppose it is because of the care-free I see." - Priscilla Lamnidae
  • "You are the bomb!" - [Valen Cross]]
  • "I can't even keep track of the stupid sh*t you drag me into. " -- Howls like Coyote. Reply: "Nuclear reactor, Corax, Rokea, I thought it was on the package, "This Pack does stupid sh*t!" -- Diego.
  • (Your words here!)

Extended Bragging Rights

  • Banished a local Bane from Sharonwoods, looked like some crazy guy with a chain baseball bat
  • Found banes under the ground at Highbanks park.
  • Fought said banes and led others there where they were seeping from a Broken land under High banks.
  • Pack was a huge part of planning how to deal with that, healing it and turning it into the periphery for a Caern.
  • Pack set up spiritual pacts with local Spirits to prepare for a Septs creation including Earth spirits to shield the Caern, Air spirits to warn us of enemies, Water spirits that wanted us to return their king to his court.
  • Pack fought Weaver spirits that were attacking the Wyld there at high banks and all over to prepare the way.
  • Pack gave Chiminage to local spirits on behalf of the Sept, Whetstone, Air spirits, Earth spirits, and all.
  • Caprice found the Scioto, the local incarnation of Uktena, and have worked to earn it's favor for the Sept despite having to go across Wyrm territory to do it.
  • Pack led the charge into the Columbus Zoo and tracked down the living Kinfolk that were entrapped and being tortured.
  • Pack helped rescue kinfolk and suffered damage from Silver.
  • Pack called upon the spirits to heal themselves and the kinfolk from their pain.
  • Caprice brought information on Kings Brewery to Columbus and assisted in confirming the local Kings Brewery is tainted with Fomori.
  • When the White Stone Tower Sept of Indiana called Mayhem answered by killing a whole mess of Fomori and capturing an Oil rig at their request as part of the a greater battle.
  • Diego and Caprice foresaw the danger of the eclipse and warned the Guardian of the Sept, (not that Daahir gave two sh*ts.)
  • When the whole world was shrouded, Luna and Helios were hidden from us, we still volunteered to go across the world and back to bring back the Caern seed. Two of the six members of the team were from Project Mayhem. Gogol sacrificed himself to do it... (not that our Talesinger has even had the decency to hold a memorial for him or the Bastet who died protecting it's planting...)
  • Diego knew there would be trouble so while Caprice was helping plant the seed, Howls and Diego performed the Rite of Shrouded Glen to stop the Umbral storm that Diego knew would come and kept that seed safe along with all the members of the new Columbus Sept.
  • Mayhem defended the Bawn against incursions when the Umbra was in danger at the Guardians request.
  • Fought beside the local Ratkin in a losing battle against the Wyrm helping it turn in their favor. Won the Ratkin Big Mama's favor.
  • When Helios and Luna were gone Caprice and Diego flew to his realm to fight off the Frog that was on his doorstep and found secret knowledge from Hyperion himself.
  • Caprice ate the eyes of the dead kinfolk. Told everyone how they died and the torturers from the zoo.
  • Caprice snuck into the train of the dead kinfolk and was not seen and helped rescue data from Project Aenid which was shared with the War Council.
  • Mayhem secured Carl Frye Park and fought off the weaver spirits making everyone angry.
  • They defended the Spirit of the Glade and freed her gnosis font.
  • Caprice was one of the Spokesbirds for the Fera Summit representing all Corax.
  • Mayhem have been doing some digging on the Eater of Souls
  • Caprice is leading a group to look into Grandfather Thunder's Croatan rumor
  • Mayhem found the abandoned Throne of the Scioto, the greatest spirit in the local area and master of secrets.
  • Twisteye led an infiltration of the Kings brewery and take a piece of it's leader. We successfully infiltrated the building, destroyed a ritual that was corrupting the greater Columbus area, Banished the Banes present, and took flesh and blood from an experienced Black Spiral Dancer without losing any lives.
  • Coordinating the Croatan research for the whole d*mn world!
  • Traveled to Wales to look into the Aenid warehouse, and left with video of the true occurance
  • Testified to the Fera and Garou on the betrayal and murder of Caws the Howl (TOTALLY was Martial Law, Pimms, the Rokea who gave no names, and Carrion who all turned on Ivan, Caprice, and Project Mayhem.)
  • Assisted in tracking down and killing the BSD of Kings Brewery.
  • Challenged Pecks the Ear for advancement to Adhern, and sh*t on him in the same way he sh*t on the Leveque Tower.
  • Claims the Leveque Tower as personal territory after defeating Pecks.
  • Challenged the Master of Challenge for his position, and won.
  • Assisted Deigo and Twist-Eye in cleansing Uktena mounds of Wyrm taint.
  • Located Twist-Eye after he was kidnapped with contacts among the kinfolk and ratkin.
  • Marinated with a mokole in a hot tub discussing the Eater of Souls.
  • Went to Turtle's Realm, found her, awoke her, and.... well... either convinced her to take action or to go wyrm...
  • Kicked butt in Pueblo Colorado against BSDs -- twice!
  • Successfully navigated spying on an almost-Incarna weaver spider hunched over Columbus, Ohio.
  • Help locate the Crowned Serpent, who hides at Battel Research in Columbus, Ohio. Successfully took down two strange bird-robot-spirits and escaped.
  • Defended the Bawn of the Sept of White Fields, and witnessed its burning and fall.

OOC Information

Player: Whitney LPB

Player Email:

Storyteller: Alex Rushing

Storyteller Email:

Location: Columbus Ohio