Captain Xanatos Hawthorne

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Name: Xanatos Hawthorne

Supernatural Type: Changeling

Union: Explorer's

Chartered Company: Utopia Explorations

Notable Traits:
Scion of the Aristocratic House Hawthorne
Former Captain of the Thurisaz Dreadnought Ixithal
Famous across the Galaxy for defecting from the Thurisaz and bringing over half his crew along, while destroying the Dreadnought Ixithal
A significant Hero of the Silent War, using a Silent attack on Tessetar III to show his true colors and insure both civilians and the undergunned EDF fleet made it out
Instantly recognizable by his striking looks and debonair style
Captain of Utopia Explorations
Captain of the Yesterday's Shadow


  • "...Who did he bring back... I'll be in my bunk." Bones
  • "Old as fuck and a bit of a perv, but he's really a decent guy." Selene
  • "Whispers regarding him aside, Hawthorne is a singular individual. His bravery is not in question, though his demeanor and methods are a bit more questionable. Still, he proves- especially for someone reputed to be so old- that he is a man who seems always to work toward fixing real problems." Hermès Van Xandt
  • "I'm just a perfectly-sized sex toy." Hawthorne about himself
  • "Man's a bit of a legend. And somehow manages not to piss me off about it. High marks." Radam
  • "I really don't care who he was, or what he has done. He understands that if you do something, you get paid. I can respect that." Lux
  • "Enigmatic. More than meets the eye, there is." Lt. Com. Winchester(Ret.)
  • "I didnt get to speak with him much. But the personality matched the hat." Adam
  • "Quote" Visible Name


  • He's actually Anthony with a different Mask
  • He once hired a Mercenary Company of Werewolves to hunt down a single Loyalist.
  • The EDF maintains a dossier on him. Some say it's required reading for Task Force: Valkyrie.
  • Is an undercover Sector Ranger who was recently brought in by his handler Anthony of Anthony's Hope, Utopia IV
  • He owns the Council, the Admiralty, and even the Black around Utopia.
  • Insert your own rumor

OOC Information

Player: Daniel Troncoso

Player Email:

Storyteller: Kyle B.

Storyteller Email:

Location: Austin, TX


  • Gaston (visually)
  • Captain Morgan (visually)
  • Space Captain Harlock
  • Captain Jack Harkness