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"The average is the borderline that keeps mere men in their place. Those who step over the line are heroes by the very act. Go." — Henry Rollins


"Qui sème le vent, récolte la tempête."



Authority, Commander,
and Sovereign
as Prince
of Vancouver, British Columbia

Confirmed, Established,
Privileged, and Prominent
as a Luminary Elder
of the Camarilla


Acclaimed by Primogen Lebdnik of Vancouver

Courteous by Harpy Olivia Collins of Austin

Courteous by Harpy Ethel Rhodes of Vancouver

Favored by Elder Purissima Giess of Switzerland

Clan Brujah


Progeny of

Deceneus the Thracian

Sire of

Grandsire of

Great-Grandsire of


Known by the Camarilla

Carden d’Vergobret, formerly known as Cardencingillius of Gaul and Cardus Rufus in prior eras, is a luminary Elder that has been operating and seen throughout the Jyhad over the past several hundred years. In appearance, he is naturally handsome with classic Celt features, though he bears the eerie marks of his fangs or canines being unusually notable. The Elder Gaul is usually found in formal wear in blacks and greys sans tie or a utilitarian working class “punk” wardrobe while under the Masquerade, but on occasion appears in frock coats and shirts with a more archaic style when attending Kindred events.

His origins reportedly date back to just before the start of the 1st Century as the son of a minor Gallo-Celt chieftain who engaged in armed rebellion against Roman rule several decades after Caesar's conquest of Gaul. The Elder was known to have operated against Ventrue-controlled Rome until the fall of the western Roman Empire with his Sire, Deceneus the Thracian, and Embraced his first childer Morgant during this period. Following Rome's decline, he departed for Constantinople under his Sire's orders where he again worked to limit Ventrue political gains in the metropolis as a fixture in its Kindred politics until its sack by Crusaders in 1204 CE. Subsequently he returned to Western Europe and gave support to the Toreador “Courts of Love” in France against Clan Ventrue's Teutonic ambitions during the War of Princes through the Middle Ages and early Renaissance.

During the Anarch Revolt his eldest childer openly struck out against their Ventrue and High Clan enemies, but with the ascension of the Camarilla, Carden himself joined the Tower. He lent his influence to help ratify the Treaty of Tyre as to help pave the way for any of his childer to join the Camarilla at a later date. However despite his political influence, he was forced to leave France in the late 17th Century. His departure was due to scandals involving his killing of Kindred reported to have been involved in the near-murder of his Grandchilder Manon and growing attacks by Sabbat packs on his person after his exile from the courts of Paris and Versailles.

Carden arrived in the New World and eventually settled in the American South, and since the 19th Century has actively worked for a greater partnership with the Anarch Movement and direct opposition against the Sabbat. Most notably he lent his Elder influence in support of the Edict of Succession and it is rumored that he personally worked towards the progressive appointment of the Anarch-friendly Justicar Theo Bell.

Recently he appeared to have relocated to the Brujah-held city of Seattle, where he was seen speaking to a variety of Elders he is known to have had contact with throughout the centuries. He then took the city of Vancouver, British Columbia from the Independent Alliance without open violence or owing significant prestation to members of that nascent Sect.

During the Memphis Gala of 2018, under the Prince-borne commands of the Justicariate, Carden attempted to apprehend two Anarchs: Doc Schultz and Raphael of Sanctuary, two Caitiff wanted for the murder of a Camarilla Prince and heretical actions under a Blood Hunt from the Justicars. A large score of Anarchs banded together to prevent such, including some Anarchs within his own lineage. Following this, agents of the Justicariate apprehended several members of Sanctuary, during which both Doc Schultz and Archon Diana the Red were killed. Prince d'Vergobret was warned by the collective standing of the Eldest Assamite El-Ashrad and Justicar Guil, while Raphael was killed publicly. Justicar Bell then left his post and the Camarilla over the whole affair, but not before calling in Boons for the removal of the Hunt and release of the other Sanctuary members captured. Bell noted Prince d'Vergobret as being one of the few who had the courage to uphold their Hunt, and decried the hypocrisy of the actions by the Camarilla, prompting a potential exodus of Clan Brujah as a Pillar Clan into the Anarch Movement.

Known by the Brujah

Carden is known to be a staunch Individualist, with a Jyhad-centric personal stance that espouses a sense of ruthless pragmatism with philosophical elements that can be found in Stoicism, Realpolitik, and Hegelian Dialectic. Despite having few qualms about violence in his history, he tends to eschew the pure extremism of the Iconoclasts. He also believes that the Idealists are too unwilling to act in many cases to seize the initiative in various political arenas. However these disagreements are usually not vehement, and the Elder seems to find some common ground present among the two other philosophical factions of his Clan.

His own lineage has members in both the Anarch Movement and the Camarilla, and it is known they have worked in concert across Sect lines in the past. Given the Elder's focus on ideas of exceptionalism and self-discipline, he insists that those of his lineage be more selective beyond the average Brujah Embraces and that they be exemplars in whatever they do, be it hero or villain. However his lineage universally is opposed to the Sabbat, and especially the Brujah Antitribu. Carden's public view of his Sabbat "idiot cousins" amounts to them having turned their back their own origins, humanity itself, and having ultimately ended up under the thumbs of the Lasombra and Tzmisce since the foundation of the so-called "Sword of Caine."

It is further known amid Brujah circles that Carden has an unrelenting hatred for any of the Sages, otherwise known as the "True Brujah." While his lineage survived mostly intact amid the rise of mortal hunters and the increased conflicts with the Sabbat at the end of the 20th Century, a number of his descendants were slain by surprise attacks from the reclusive Bloodline following the Week of Nightmares. Ever since, he has declared unwavering vendetta against the Sages and even extends this by association to those seen practicing their disquieting time-manipulation arts.

Recent events within the Jyhad have seemingly placed Carden at odds with some Anarch members of his own lineage, with others remaining fiercely loyal to him.


Carden Battle.jpg

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  • "Carden is fire and passion, but he's kind beneath it to those he cares for. Be wary of those who's ideals and family are held so close to their bones." — Mila Rurik
  • "Aren't you quite cunning. Now, return that book to me." — Anaïs Palomer
  • "Luminary Elder Carden is a pillar of might in the Camarilla. The Lord has granted him the strength of purpose to lead when others would run." — Reverend Gideon Haven
  • "Carden is the very ideal of a classic gentleman. In all of my interactions with him, he has been calm, almost eerily so. That is something we need, to balance out all the madness we see today. But, there is a fire there. Thankfully he has control and focus, otherwise, we would all burn." — Julian Motgomery-Westwood
  • "Blah blah, ya, like I know he's hot, but like, he's also probably going to like charge you for a kiss. I mean, like, that's what like great-grandma says or like something about him being all like, 'Fuck you, pay me.' I mean, I can't like fault him for that, but like, ugh. Can you even?" — Karma
  • "There is too much to say. During a time when the world was беспредел, he brought order. I joke that he is the father I almost had, but perhaps it is more appropriate to simply say he is the father." — Yana Teplova
  • "I liked him first, but it doesn't matter. I still like him. That doesn't matter either." — Ruby Atomic
  • "Carden has an exceptional ability to wield his words like a sword, and easily cuts to the truth of a matter without mercy. How many legions of unfortunates have been slain in this way, I wonder?" — Siegrid of the True North
  • "I can think of few Kindred more necessary than Carden d'Vergobret, for his is the soul of the warrior. The ordinary sees hardship as a blessing or a curse; but those tempered by fire see it as challenge. In his quest for exceptionalism, he understands that the self is not enough though, that it is also the environment that must be exceptional. He is a challenging individual, and in this aspect he performs his great beneficence to others to mark the world and help right it's course. I honor my brother for this. It is more than most any have done." — Amyntas
  • "He, the favored son. I, the prodigal. He, embraced to be our sire's brother and peer. I, created to be his butcher. He, crowned in gold and glory. I, steeped in blood, hounded by the wails of the innocent. He, restless and discontent in his gilded grandeur. I, grateful in my peace and isolation, until he comes once more, to wrest me from it." — Valrbjørn
  • "Carden and I have never gotten close as my sister has with him. There is a simple understanding between us that has never needed to be spelled out or defined, and for that I appreciate him." — Rowan Byrd
  • "One finds such treasures washed in on the tides, which is why I spent so much time at the docks. One frigid night I found him--rather, he found me. He's one of the very few that care to take the time to see me as I truly am." — Rhiannon Byrd
  • "It is rarer than I would like for one to allow their passions to be tempered by logic and reason, although Elder d'Vergobret has found a way to find that balance within himself." — Elijah Zacheaus
  • "A champion of Gaul, embraced by a Thracian ancient, his lineage is one of defiance and unquestionable might. It is no mystery that our paths have entwined in history, and do so again in nights to come. In whispers it is worth recounting that every Vergobret of Gaul was granted ultimate power and retained that authority through the support of druids. Let Cardencingillius always rely upon the faithful to guide his shield as he leaps towards opposition." — Numerius Villius Cursor
  • "I would say we are like a spindle and notch - different but complementary pieces that through friction create fire in the most primal way. While at times, we are destructive, there are other times when the very survival of those around us depends on the heat we produce." — Irma Kardos
  • "Sometimes you need to stand up to a waterfall, not to prove you are stronger, because you know you are not, but to test what you can endure. And it will weather and batter and break you, eventually, but you still should do it." — Cornelia Mowebary
  • "Elder d'Vergobret is completely unlike any Elder I've ever met before. When we talk, it feels like an actual discussion between... dare I say?... peers. Not that I'm ever less than deferential. Feeling is one thing, fact another. It is an honor to wear his Favor. " — John Francis Carlisle
  • "There are few members of the Camarilla that I would miss, when the Camarilla falls. Perhaps then, when he stands in the ashes and rubble of the failed Tower, will he step away and feel true freedom." — Diego Amador
  • "Carden er en mann med strategi og lidenskap. Han vet når du skal trykke knapper og når du skal spille den dårlige fyren. Til slutt, han vet hvorfor menneskeheten er viktig." — Olaf
  • "I'll give him this. When the Old Man does something, he does it all the way. There is no halfass bullshit about anything he does." — Spit
  • "I am as familiar with him as the kine might be with the rumbling of the sky before a formidable storm; just on the edge of the horizon, within the scope of my awareness, but not an immediate concern. I am in no great rush to remedy this, but at the same time, it could be refreshing." — Madeleine Tonnerre
  • "The best thing a Brujah can have to say about his sire is nothing. We're not known for sincere praise. But if I had to say something about him, I'd say it would be 'thank you,' not just for my rescue or my blood, but for his enduring faith in me, oft misplaced, I'd say, but never wavering." — Garvin McCarthy
  • "He is certainly an excellent teacher of manners." — Asher Meier
  • "I never will understand how this guy has tricked so many people into thinking he is anything but a horrifying monster. Maybe it's because he uses pretty words and doesn't growl at you when you first meet him, but I'm guessing it's what happens when folks don't want to confront what we will all become given a long enough timeline. Don't expect sympathy from me when you wind up with a boot in your throat because you thought that he just seemed so approachable and friendly." — Arlington
  • "I look forward to our first sitting down, Prince to Prince. Everyone should appreciate a righteous Kindred who doesn't need a crutch with which to fight his battles." — Thaddeus Moreau
  • "I always will respect those who look at a broken field of rubble and start using the materials to build a castle. Now, whether that field of rubble was there before he arrived..." — Ethan Allistar
  • "You learn a lot about someone by how they treat the people they see as less important or powerful than them. With 'allies' like Carden, the people who follow him don't need enemies." — Kyle Morgan
  • "Ah, Carden. Still leading the charges, barrelling down the barricades, fighting for his ideals, a thousand years later. Cold and strong as steel." — Seamus Montague
  • "Gonna be honest, the dude needs to keep his face clean. I'm a neonate and I know not to keep shit on my face. Though he made my trip to Memphis fun, and weird that he knew my name. Is my white hair really that obvious?" — Juniper Durham
  • "Notice who is still standing. Notice who isn't." — Jimmy Kincaid
  • "Honestly, what the heck more can be said about Carden then what's already been said? Half the time we want to punch each other, the other half we make one terrifying team, and that scares me more than any angry Elder or Methuselah ever could." — Lucius Brown
  • "Yeah, like he's like totes like directing me in like everything I say and do. Yep, like I'm like completely like always like helpless unless like a dude like tells me what to do, like my master there, Lord Carden deVehernidhdggeten." — Karma
  • "The cycles and similarities of cities is always a fascinating topic of study. 'Carden' and I have worked together in at least two of the grandest: Constantinople and Paris. And now...Seattle? What does it say of this place that I have come that such creatures as he and his broodmate are already here and flourishing? Perhaps it shall be like old times. Perhaps not. But interesting, all the same." — Gereon d'Aquitaine
  • Quote goes here. — Dude

Rumors and Lies


  • Elder Carden gave veiled threats and insults to both former Prince Baanard of Austin and the Methuselah Purissima Giess of Switzerland, the dual hosts of Giess' "American Debut." He avoided any censure from the Prince and somehow managed to earn the favor of the Ventrue Methuselah as an "honored foe."
  • For years Carden has had a secret relationship with someone outside Clan Brujah. However the pair make a game of avoiding each other at social events, so one can never be too sure of who it might actually be.
  • Carden, in his mortal days, was known for his gorgeous, waist length red hair. Much of his feud with the Ventrue is born of time spent as a slave, where a Luminary elder of that clan had him shorn to make a wig.
  • Carden is entirely too skilled at covering Masquerade breaches. Worryingly so.
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Player Information
Name: Brent C.[1]
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
Membership: US2003102466
Domain: (IC Only) CND-001
Storyteller Vancouver VST[2]

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