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Commonly Known to Kindred Society

Name: Carlos Isandro (Vicente Soto de las Palmas)

Notable Traits: Carlos is very clearly on a Path other than Humanity. He is fascinated by the Blood Accords. One of his past times is studying the history of esteemed lineages of Kindred. He is sufficiently reliable, though he sometimes takes a little time to come through. He is slow to trust others. Of course, with Arcane this may all be hard to remember at times.

Society: The Anarch Movement

Clan: Ventrue
Dignitas (Ventrue only): Acceptable

Lineage: Not active in a player lineage
Childe of Renato Acosta de Castile (deceased)



Vampiric Biography (as it is known)

Santa Cruz de Tenerife [1501]: Vicente Soto de las Palmas is Embraced by Renato Acosta de Castile.
Santa Cruz de Tenerife [1508]: Vicente attends his Sire on a cross Atlantic voyage, traveling with Alonso de Ojeda to the Gulf of Urabá


Golfo de Urabá [1509]: Vicente assists his Sire in guiding the mortals to establish a settlement.
New Andalusia [1510]: Alfonso de Ojeda, Governor of New Andalusia, establishes the fortified settlement of San Sebastián de Urabá, which is occupied by 300 men and Renato's small coterie.
San Sebastián de Urabá [1510]: Eight months after its founding, San Sebastián de Urabá is attacked by the native inhabitants. The settlement is burned to the ground. Of the 300 settlers, only 42 survived. In the violence, Renato and at least one member of the coterie, a Nosferatu, perished. Vicente falls into Torpor and is buried with the dead.
San Sebastián de Urabá [2013]: Vicente awakens from torpor.

South America

Traveling [2013-2014]: Vicente searches for a secure and stable Kindred presence.

North America

Traveling [2014]: Vicente searches for a secure and stable Kindred Presence. He learns of the Blood Accords
Jacksonville, Florida [2014]: Vicente takes on the pseudonym of Carlos Isandro and joins the Anarch Movement.


Santo Domingo [2018-Present]: Carlos returns to what was once the area of his peoples' colonization and attempts to settle in Santo Domingo, only to learn that members of the Anarch Movement are not permitted to reside within the Dominican Republic. He is currently seeking what will become his home.

Talking about Carlos

  • "If you can't bring honor to your name, you don't deserve it." - Carlos Isandro
  • "If carrying your name would sully it, relinquish it. Those who share your name should not be tarnished because of your own failings." - Carlos Isandro
  • "Not the loudest or rudest Мудак Anarch I've ever met. I don't know if it is disappointment or not." - Natalya Zabirov
  • "Carlos is a fantastic example of a Dallas Anarch. Only... He's not from Dallas... Is he?" - Prudence
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Rumors Heard by Kindred Society


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  • Carlos took the pseudonym as a way to recognize the failed endeavor he and his Sire participated in.
  • Carlos took the pseudonym because he would have better success climbing the proverbial ladder without his Sire's failure weighing him down.
  • Carlos took the pseudonym because he did not want his and his Sire's failure to reflect poorly on their line, so he made the sacrifice for the good of his line.
  • Carlos has one too many 'associates' amongst the Followers of Set, or he at least likes to spend quite a bit of time with them.
  • The time Carlos puts into studying the history of notable Kindred lineages is how he copes with losing his own.
  • Carlos adheres to some complicated code of behavior. It's rumored that it is from some antiquated belief and code of conduct and he has forsaken his Humanitas in favor of adhering to the code. He considers it incredibly disrespectful to casually discuss such things, though proper approaches in the past have met with success.
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