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Carmen De la Vega is a Daughter of Cacophony who in these nights styles herself as an up & coming alternative rock / pop vocalist in the Southern California area. Her past is largely unknown up to the point where she met her sire who helped her reinvent herself before allowing her to re-emerge into the San Diego musical scene in 2010. Carmen has always found it hard to resist temptation due to her impatience and curiosity - anything unusual or exotic that catches her eyes is fair game for her to voraciously investigate and attempt to experience.


Carmen's hair is rarely the same twice, though it is usually worn roughly shoulder length and in some outlandish color. She is a markedly attractive woman (appearance focused, personal masquerade) with warm, bright hazel eyes that dart about curiously, observing the world around herself with a certain youthful wonder. She dresses fashionably whether she's dressed up or down, and when she's trying to avoid notice often wears a hat and sunglasses to avoid being noticed by fans when she's out and about.


Current reputation within the Anarch Movement

Abiding Statuses
Innate Statuses
  • Committed - Granted 2012
Fleeting Statuses
  • Loyal - Granted 2017 by Dottie, Advocate of Brooklyn
  • Honorable - Granted 2017 by Dottie, Advocate of Brooklyn
  • None Known

Time Line

2010 - Carmen begins to put out her music on Youtube and Bandcamp, garnering a bit of a cult following online.
Mid 2012 - Carmen is initially introduced to the Kindred Community by her sire, Lissette, when they arrive in San Diego, and Carmen begins to enter the local limelight as the frontwoman of the band “Sibilance” leveraging her obscure online presence to grow her fame.
2013 - Carmen's sire goes missing, leaving a rather scathing note accusing Carmen of being a shabby poseur. Carmen has a bit of a meltdown and begins trying frantically to find her sire, spending her accumulated wealth and boons in a desperate search.
2014 - Sibilance breaks up. Carmen begins to tour around the country, trying to find any signs of her missing sire.
Late 2014 - Carmen joins the Shrikes, and begins spending more time in the presence of a stage manager by the name of Cassius Wilde.
2017 - A broken-hearted Carmen returns to San Diego, still unable to locate her Sire and vows to start anew.


* Sometimes seen in the company of Jaime Mendoza when appearing in the art world - they seem to have a good working relationship and trade boons on occasion.
* Has in the past enlisted the aid of Celeste Beauchamp in trying to find her sire... alas, to no avail. They remain on excellent terms.
* Travels in many of the same circles as Lorena Silva - seems to be a friendly acquaintance.
* Known to be very close to a stage manager by the name of Cassius Wilde.
* Often travels to LA to perform at Jai Van de Berg's club, Extase - reportedly, she was staying with him for a time on her initial return to San Diego.


Rumors, lies and half truths

* Carmen de la Vega is a stage name. Her birth name was Andrea.
* She was at one point ghouled to someone other than her Sire.
* When she first got back to San Diego, she was living with a Setite. She isn't any longer.
* Her sire kept her three points blood bound before she disappeared.
* She's the front woman (fame 2 in San Diego, CA) of a band called Sibilance. She's more well known than the band is at this point.
* She is still searching for her sire, though whereas she once seemed to adore the woman that's change with time in to more of an obsessive drive to know where she went, rather than so they can be together.
* She was present at the December 2017 Call to Arms in Brooklyn, and was the only San Diego Anarch to answer the call.



Sect: Anarch
Clan: Daughter of Cacophony
Gang: The Shrikes
Position: None
Sire: Lissette Delacroix (NPC, Assumed Dead)
Generation 11th
Fame 3 (San Diego, CA)

OOC Information

Location: San Diego, CA
Storyteller: Kareem Gabriel Fortes
Contact: San Diego C/A VST