Carmina Ganivet

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Carmina Ganivet

Notable Traits: Carmina almost always wear a mid length or knee length coat, and carries an old guitar case. She appears to be around middle age, although according to her known history, she was ghouled in her early 20’s. She has been known among the Anarch Movement since the 1990’s.

Society: Anarch

Status and Position

  • Committed
  • Free Militia

Clan: Carmina has declared herself clanless, only a select few know her actual clan.


Carmina has always been a member of the Anarch Movement, even as a ghoul, and is known to be a member of the Free Militia. In the past she traveled frequently with the gang she was part of, originally formed by her Sire, who was one of the original handful of Anarchs who founded and expanded the Free Militia. Her role often included being the 'face' for the Militia when entering a Camarilla or IA controlled area, if the Militia needed access or to travel through. When not being the public diplomat, she was more often part of quick strike teams, rescue operations or intervention missions to recover Anarchs lost or taken by the Sabbat or worse.

Her relations with her Sire were cold at best, so upon his death, she broke away from the group and went solo for some time, visiting Anarch holdings or providing escorts to traveling Anarchs. Occasionally she would do work as a bodyguard or diplomat for unaligned Kindred, especially the Caitiff.

Eventually she was asked to represent the Anarch Movement at an unusual 'debate' being held in Seattle, upon Elysium, in which the merits and misconceptions of both Sects would be debated. The Tower found itself dealing with a growing discontent among it's citizens and peers after events including the defection of the Brujah Justicar to the Anarch Movement, and Seattle had felt that impact almost directly due to the high number of Brujah in it's domain. After the debate, she chose to stay and offer aid to the local Anarchs who were dealing with an internecine conflict, involving their own leaders, rivals and outside influences. The false Baron fell and fled, but not before most of the resident Anarchs were dead or had also chosen to depart; during this time one local Brujah defected to the Movement and several other Anarchs arrived for various reasons or to also try to help the Movement keep it's holdings before a shaking Tower could try and seize 'vacated' lands. It was quickly followed by the departure, en mass, of a powerful coterie of local Brujah including the Prince; the sudden increase in territory that resulted meant even if Carmina had other plans or goals the Movement clearly would need experienced members to build on the new foundations being laid on the rubble of a failed Barony.

As of September 2019, Free Seattle has dissolved and Carmina has relocated to Portland, OR for now.

=== Rumors ===.

  • After killing another Anarch who had sold out his gang to the Sabbat, she announced "Comme on fait son lit, on se couche."
  • She was offered a Blood Boon to kill a Caitiff who refused to kiss the boot of a Ventrue Primogen, she refused the boon, then torpored the Ventrue and gave his boots to the Caitiff.
  • Carmina has a false eye, having lost the original eye in a bet, which is why she won't play Gin Rummy.
  • She was a dancing teacher before becoming a ghoul, and has never danced since.
  • Her Sire was a Sabbat Brujah adopted into Clan Toreador


  • " Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does. It is up to you to give [life] a meaning." Jean-Paul Sartre
  • "War does not know family bonds nor friendly sentiments." Nyssa al Ghul
  • "Courage without conscience is a wild beast." Robert Green Ingersoll
  • "History teaches us that men and nations behave wisely only after they have exhausted all other alternatives." Abba Eban
  • "Any cause that is dependent on one person alone is doomed to fail." The Widow
  • "Lasting change is a series of compromises. And compromise is all right, as long your values don't change." Jane Goodall

Character Inspirations

  • Evie Frye (AC; Syndicate)
  • The Widow (Into the Badlands)
  • Cawti (Jhereg)
  • Amanda (Highlander; the Raven)
  • Maria la Bailadora
  • Sura (Spartacus; Blood and Sand)
  • Col. María Quinteras de Meras
  • Nyssa al Ghul (Arrowverse)

OOC Information

Player: Peg Brewer

Player Email:

Storyteller: Jeff Stoker

Storyteller Email:

Location: Seattle