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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Carol McConnell

Deed Name: Path Seeker

Rank: Athro

Notable Traits:

Pack: The Left-Handed Compliment

Society: n/a

Sept: The Sept of the White Field


A lupus appearing in homid form as an ~30 yr old woman, Carol has spent much of the past years on walkabout, with a few extended stays in some areas and several thru-hikes of major trails.

After the Battle of Siamese Ponds she traveled for a time in the company of Aiden D'Arcy, hitchhiking across the country, parting ways once they reached the company of some Aiden's friends on the West Coast. Undirected travel over the next few months brought her South and back East to winter in the forests near the Appalachian Mountains, and resulted in her encountering Even Temper before her first change. Path Seeker became something of a Furry Godmother for the young Garou, guiding her through her first change and teaching her about Spirits.

Spring of 2015 saw Carol thru-hiking the PCT, and in 2017 she returned again to the East Coast, hiking up the AT until her thru-hike was interrupted by entering the territory of the The Sept of the White Field. She has since settled into the Sept, forming a pack with two locals and becoming the Master of Rites for the Sept.

Winter of 2018 saw her on the ill-fated quest to Turtle's Realm. March saw the birth of a litter of four wolfpups. She has remained reticent about the identity of the father.

In May 2018 she participated in an intial skirmish against the local Hive, emerging with the body of a BSD the party had slain, and Cracked the Moon approved her as completing her Athro rank challenge. In June the Sept united for a final assault on the Hive, taking out Black City and destroying the Pit... but they returned to disaster. The Bawn and Caern had been protected, but at a high price, and the father of her children, Greg Hardwick, was one of those who had sacrificed himself so that others may live. Two of her four cubs succumbed to the poison attack, leaving her in deep mourning under the weight of Harano.

After the loss of pack members, leaving Mr. Whiskerson and Path Seeker alone in their pack, they joined the Pack of the Left Handed Compliment.

In the August 2018 she challenged Bridges Time for Tribal Second. When they met on the mound, he ceded the challenge.


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OOC Information

Player: Tegan M

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Storyteller: Joshua Smith

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Location: MA-005-D