Carrie White

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In Memoriam
Epitaphs and Memories

  • "She came to us a mystery, a soldier, and a true follower of Caine. She taught us to fight, to think, and to focus our rage. She was our sister, and our packmate, and she died the way we always feared she would: getting us out of danger. She will be missed, and her final wishes will be done." Abel
  • "Carrie was my sister, not just in Caine, but in my heart. She lent us her strength. I'll admit, her absence makes me feel weak; I pray she did not take it with her." Britney Daye
  • "Your words here." You
You Can Tell


Innate Status

Abiding Status

Fleeting Status

Known to the Sabbat

Notable Traits
Large tattoo of a skeletal knight chess piece on her back.

Talk Around Town


  • "Carrie's pretty bitchin. I think I'm getting pretty good at dealing with fresh meat. She's going to be a lot of fun." Britney Daye
  • * "It's Good to see merican Cowpokes are just like they are on the screen. I have never seen actual cow punching... But WARGHOUL-punching is truely best!!! I must drink with this one her and her red scarf friend are Sabbat."- Alesksei
  • "Your quote here." You


  • She knows more than she's letting on.
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"Politicians hide themselves away / They only started the war / Why should they go out to fight? / They leave that role for the poor, yeah"

"If you wanna start a fight / You better throw the first punch / Make it a good one"


Carrie White

Clan: Brujah
Sect: Sabbat
Domain: San Marcos, TX
Player: Rachel P.
VST: Austin Sabbat VST

Player: Rachel Phillips
MES Number: US2018040072
Location: San Maracos, TX
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