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General Information

Name: Carrion Crowe

Deed Names: Ill Omen, Future's Safeguard, The Bloody Crow

Pack: The Brute Squad

Pack Position: Beta

Rank: Elder

Tribe: Corax

Breed: Corvid

Camp: Chasers

Sept: Last Bastion of Light's Keep

Sept Position: Fool

Moniker: Champion


Enter the Battle Bird. Carrion isn't afraid to get into a scuffle--indeed, some might say he seeks trouble--and he has thus far defied the odds by still being alive today. A brave bird to the core, he lends his protective services to his kin in their hunt for secrets. What good is finding out the good stuff if you die before you can talk about it, after all? Sometimes being able to fly away from trouble just doesn't quite do the trick on its own. During those times, it's good to have Carrion watching your back.


Carrion is not an easy bird to look upon without wincing. He is covered in scars from his many battles, though thr vast majority of the scars are a handful of years old. There is one more recent scar of claw marks which adorns his left upper arm, however. The worst scar is on his neck, where it appears that some past foe nearly decapitated him before his healing kicked in and saved his life.

The name The Bloody Crow is immediately explained simply by looking at him, as his hands, forearms, claws, hair, and feathers seem to be perpetually caked with dried blood. He is often found in either Corvid form or Harpyia form, preferring to wear black shirts with jeans when in a humanoid body. He tends not to do anything to tame his black hair, which is long, wavy, and often tangled (and bloody).

More recently, a new scar appeared on his left bicep in the form of a lightning pattern. It is the mark of his blessing from Tempest.


- Some of his scars are not from battles, but from lovers trysts.

- Knows how to make women soar!

- The blood on his skin and feathers can never be washed off. It's always there.

- He is trying to form his own Camp of Corax who are deadly fighters like him.

- He’s secretly gone to the Wyrm and that’s why his appearance is so blood-caked and terrifying.

- He took a crap on Valka while she was a statue at the 14th Great Caern.

- He's actually a Get of Fenris Legend who decided to return to The Cycle as a Corax for some reason.

- add your own!


- "A plucky young one, but he needs to calm down a bit." - Serena Kree
- "Carrion's good at finding out secrets and hidden objects, as befitting a Corax. I do wish he'd eat eyeballs elsewhere, though, because it's somewhat offputting." - Nikoleta Vassos
- "Carrion. The new choice for sophistication. Shaken not stirred." - Valen Cross
- "Am wanting to eat, but not eat. Am confused, still want eat." - Amasis Sabry
- "To be young and to care very much can be hard. I hope his flock is good and his Sept knows what it has in him." - Hereandthere
- "He is a proficient warrior and a valued asset of the Garou Nation." - Martial Law

- "He's got a good head on his shoulders and has this air of a warrior about him, I'm certainly not wanting to get on his bad side." - Wyrmbaiter

- "I learn from Corax everytime I meet one. I meet this one often, not sure if this is Carrion's doing or not." - Razortooth the Undying

- "I am feeding him food and facts. I hope he sits high in Parliament, I think that is what they call it." - Priscilla Lamnidae

- "A loyal friend, and the Alpha of the Pack. He's my brother, my close friend, one of my most trusted allies. I'll endeavour to never let him down. Also, I miss my damn translator! All this borking is maddening!" - DC

- "One upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,

Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore-

While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a crashing,

As of some one thrashing, thrashing through my chamber door-

Tis some Ill Omen, I uttered, thrashing through my chamber door-

Only this and nothing more." - Lament

- "A fellow Sept Leader once asked me "What can one Corax do?" in a tone of derision. I'd like to introduce him to The Bloody Crow and see how he likes the answer." - Josephine "Thundercat" Trevino

- "I've worked with Carrion twice now. He is a knowledgeable traveler and a very capable warrior. I just worry that he likes the fights a little too much" - William Henry Howard

- "Carries much in themselves that others never see. This wolf sees a warrior with a deep well of caring." - LostMoon "Eagle's Relic Hunter

- "I suppose I admire his passion for fighting but then again the sense of stupidity is just a little strong with him. Plus he never shuts up. Ever. Even in battle and screaming 'YEET' while flinging a body is not a battle cry... damn crow." - Erin Murray

- Carrion-san is the first Corax I've ever met in my life and one of the best Battle Birb ever. He's someone you want on your side and I really hope I can get to know him better. - Azumi Akahoshi

- "I've never claimed to be the smartest guy in the room (most of the time), but I know enough to not pick a fight with that guy." - Alex Drake

- "I respect him, what he can do, and what he's willing to do. I just hope it doesn't let it drive him too far." - Spins Silver

- 'He has given me much to think about." - Fights the Current

- "He is insane and I kinda like that about him!" - Thorin "Blood Reaver" Ljungborg

- "Honestly, he needs more tales composed about him." - Starbucks/Unsolvable Riddle

- "Auspice is an illusion. You're blessed in all ways, whatever the spirits believe." - 'Spector

- "Badass with Sass. TBC can fly with me anytime." Lia Thunder

- "I think he understands my reason to keep him at arms length when it comes to speaking about things, I know that when I speak and he listens, it is not in secrets and that dampens things at times." - Dances in the Twilight Waves, the Unborn Awakened

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Stories Told About Him

Valka and The Bloody Crow

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OOC Information

Player: Dana Willoughby

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Storyteller: Joanie M.

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