Cassandra Dispar

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                                       "I'm intrigued by the dark. Out of darkness comes creation"-Famke Janssen

Commonly Known Information

Name: Cassandra Dispar

Notable Traits: Albino, Angelic Visage, Whisper of Life

Sect: Anarch

Clan: Lasombra

House: Dispar


A snarky Anarch with a devil may care attitude, she is quite confidant bordering cocky about her abilities. She shows a deep passion for what she does even though it wasn't something she strove for when she was in the care of her regnant prior to her embrace as a Lasombra. She isn't much for large gatherings though choosing to stay hidden in her own shadows, taking comfort in not being the center of attention.


Cassandra has strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin which are attributed her albinism. Her normal attire ranges anywhere from tank tops and shorts to dresses or suits.


September 21, 1982: Born

October 31, 2009: Embraced as a Lasombra

2009: Escaped the Sabbat with the help of The Liberty Guard and Lorena Silva of House Dispar

2010: Becomes a part of the Liberty Guard and a member of House Dispar

2011-2012: Traveled across the GL region and Canada helping liberate kindred from the Sabbat

early 2013-mid 2013: traveled out west for a short period of time continuing to aid kindred as she worked her way to west

mid 2013-2014: headed back to the GL reigon

2014: Reunited with an old friend

2014: Attended Roman's party

2015:Headed down to Charleston and then Savannah

2016-Present: Works where ever she is needed. Never staying in one place too long.

2018:Settles in Detroit on a semi-permanent basis


  • She is bad luck incarnate


  • "Too many Anarchs talk about making change but stay sequestered in their own local politics or Havens. Cassandra goes out and actually lives that change, making an impact with every Kindred she frees from the Sabbat's cult. It's her example we should all follow, the philosophy of live what you preach, be proactive in what you believe in and don't fear to do what you know, in your heart, to be right." - Dante

Associates & Rivals


  • Richard Stockton- Setite and Founder of The Liberty Guard, he is the one who helped liberate Cassandra from the Sabbat with the help of Lorena Silva
  • Lorena Silva- A fellow member of House Dispar, out of everyone Cassandra admires Lorena greatly and is very thankful that she met her.
  • Dante- A fellow Anarch Lasombra who helped Cassandra fight back against the Sabbat.
  • Leopold Whitehall- The Billionaire playboy of Ventrue House Nova and one of the many reasons Cassandra became an anarch and the only reason she has to visit Charleston,SC



OOC Information

Inspirations & Music

Cassandra's Playlist

  • Chloe Price (Life is Strange)
  • Rin Okumura (Blue Excorist)
  • Makoto Nijima/Queen (Persona 5)
  • Izumo Kusanagi (K)

Player Info

Player: Emily Patrick

Player Email:

Storyteller: Dorothy Feltner

Storyteller Email:

IC Location: Detroit, MI

OOC Location: Detroit, MI