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Name: Cassidy Black
Tribe: Fianna
Pack: None
Sept: Manhattan, KS
Notable Traits: Cassidy is smallish, redheaded, green-eyed and freckled. She has a number of tattoos, some visible, some not, and usually wears jeans and boots and flannel shirts. Her expression is perpetually good-natured, except when it's pissed off.


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’’She's well acquainted with the touch of the velvet hand like a lizard on a window pane...’’

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  • (1989) April 20 - Cassidy is born on a sept near Butte, Montana, a child of Fianna Garou father and Kinfolk mother, the middle of seven children.
  • (2007) Cassidy finishes high school and begins begins paramedic training. She becomes engaged to Michael Black, another Fianna kinfolk and her best friend since childhood.
  • (2009) The caern in Butte falls in the Gnosis Plague; Michael’s father, as Alpha, loses face because of this. For the first time, there are tensions between Michael’s and Cassidy’s families, but the couple ignore them. The sept limps along in the wake of the destruction, with many of the survivors too traumatized to pick up and leave.
  • (2010) Michael and Cassidy are married as planned; the Blacks are slowly beginning to regain their reputation
  • (2011) Cassidy’s father falls to Harano and dies of it
  • (2012) Michael and Cassidy have a son, Alexander Angus O’Shea-Black
  • (2014)
    • Michael is an early victim of the Bite; the couple faces discrimination and harassment at their home sept - distrust and disdain for Michael, and people urging Cassidy to leave him, including many members of her own family, most especially her mother and oldest brother
    • Michael joins the Bone Gnawers following his Rite of Passage; Cassidy remains a Fianna.
    • When Michael claims Cassidy as his mate, her eldest brother challenges his claim. Michael wins the challenge, and Cassidy afterward stabs her brother in the eye with a silver blade, causing him to lose the eye. Shortly after this they leave the sept.
  • (2015) Michael and Cassidy are asked to leave the Sept of Joining Waters in Kansas City after only a few months because of Cassidy’s behavior, culminating in her attacking another Garou because of insult, though not with silver this time. The couple moves to Holyhead, Wales, and live on their own without joining the nearby sept, or indeed any sept at all.
  • (2016) December: Oak Vale Sept is attacked and destroyed. Michael and Cassidy feel a kind of guilt for not having been part of the group to assist.
  • (2017) When the Sept is reformed, Michael and Cassidy petition to join.
    • October: Michael and Cassidy are involved in the murder of Valhalla’s Mercy, Sept Leader in Wales. Cassidy pulls the trigger delivering the killing blow.
  • (2018) Michael is tried for violations of the Litany surrounding Valhalla’s Mercy’s death; he is found guilty and given the greater Moniker Disgraced, and both he and Cassidy are banished from the Sept. They are invited to join the Sept of the Buffalograss in Manhattan, Kansas.


    float:leftIf you pull the right book off Cassidy's shelf, the wall will open to an armory filled with homemade silver weapons
    float:leftShe has every Nancy Drew book in existence.

    float:left</span>Her fondness for traditional pipe tobacco is only surpassed by her love of forging bullets.

    float:left</span>Put your rumor here!

      float:left"The only difference between a murderer and a freedom fighter is who writes the history books. Gaia willing, that will be me." — 'Spector
      float:left"She definitely has her own way on handling things." — Elizabeth Tvarivich
      float:left"I hear she's doing well where she went. We need to hang out again sometime." — Priscilla
      float:left"Kinfolk means taking responsability, even when it is hard. Cassidy does what needs to be done, and if people complain it is because they don't like being reminded they failed where she didn't." — Verity Apple Willow
      float:left"Passionate and proud; I think she is every inch a force to be reckoned with." — Inge Hansen
      float:left"The well of passion within this woman runs deep. I don't agree with all of her viewpoints, and I feel some steps may be too far, but we each have our own decisions to make. In the end, being able to stand by your decisions despite adversity is no small thing." — Madison Walsh
      float:left"If I'm sick of hearing about whatever mistakes she's made, she's got to be tired of it. Coyote asks us to learn lessons from one-another. Her husband's trial taught me a great deal about the Nation. What a cost to provide it. Many all asked why and spat at her actions rather than asking ourselves what any one of us could have done differently? Say what you will, I like her. I wish her and her family the best." — Amber Lauren
      float:left"Cassidy Black. This is the second Sept you have been driven from because of your violence towards Garou. Any Sept that you wish to live near should take caution of your actions here. Beware Cassidy Black. Cassidy Black, return here again and you will be executed without any mercy." — Arbiter of Malice
      float:left"Mo chroi, I would bleed for her a thousand times, carry any penalty, and hold my head up with pride, she is my best friend, my mate, the mother of my child, and my greatest love. If you become her enemy, you become mine." — Michael Black
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