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“It's ok not to love us.”
Ashley Rhodes-Courter, Three Little Words

what an ugly, loveless life for a girl. - Sophocles, Electra

Name: Cassidy Mason
Camarilla Position: Archon to Justicar Marlow
Lineage: None
Notable Traits: Clearly on a Path of Enlightenment; Arcane (does that count as notable, or the opposite?)
Status Traits:

  • Lesser Status Ban
  • Acknowledged
  • Courteous
  • Honorable
  • Victorious

Physical Description: Cassidy Mason is a rather unassuming young lady with light, pale skin and soft, somewhat full lips. She dresses down most of the time, preferring t-shirts and jeans, sweat pants- a more casual look. She dresses up only if she knows it's required, and if she can afford it. Her eyes are green, no they're blue, no wait they're brown- apparently she likes to wear colored contacts.

High-Level Concept: A lost and troubled youth who desperately seeks the stability she never knew in life. A broken child with the soul of an artist, floundering in the sea of unrealized potential.

RP Role: For now, getting to know other Kindred and figure out where she fits in the bigger picture.

Persona: Usually soft spoken, but very interested in what's going on around her. She wants to belong, but doesn't always know how. She tries to be close to those who make her feel wanted and cared for, but also tries not to be the center of attention, which clearly makes her uncomfortable. Sometimes that floodgate breaks open, though, and she gets anxious and rambles, talking a little too much and a little too fast, until she realizes she's doing it. At that point, she withdraws into her shell. She seems to respond well to kindness when that happens, even faux compassion. She tends to get close to those who come across as caring, as though hoping some of that care will come her way.

Known History
Cassidy was shuffled around the Florida foster care system and is one of the many, many "lost children" that disappear into the child welfare system each year. It didn't help that she ran away from her foster homes at least a few times, trying to escape what she believed was "fake love" from "fake parents." The number of foster homes she remembers are in the double digits, until she eventually aged out of the system or was forgotten. She isn't sure which it really was. After the basic 'how to not die' training from her Sire, and following the fun yet fleeting excesses her Sire shared with her in the dens of the Followers of Set, Cassidy longed for the stability she had never had in life. She joined the Camarilla in 1983, albeit with a good deal of caution. Not only did she understand the stigma of spending time with the Followers of Set, she also had a lifetime of bad situations and false care from countless families and a system that repeatedly failed her. For now, she is trying to find her place in the Camarilla while also trying to make something of herself, finally.

Rumors, Libel, and Slander

  • She has been trying to find her birth family. It would be nice to have that closure.
  • She occasionally pokes her nose in things to try to help out kids in the foster care system
  • The Followers of Set have managed to keep their hold on her, and she occasionally falls victim to their enticing "love and affections."
  • Speaking of the Followers of Set, it's become pretty clear that they've swayed her to their bastardized sense of "morality."
  • She's admitted to inviting others to join the fun with her, something she normally does when in the company of Setites, but she is fiercely protective of children. She's made it clear they are off limits.
  • Has been under the wing of Prince Santora, her Seneschal, and Sheriff Fontelroy, learning from them and being strongly guided away from the influence of the Setites.
  • She's really an assamite.
  • Most assuredly a Warrior among the Banu Haqim
  • Place your rumors here.


  • "Young, inexperienced, but with wise guidance, a possible powerhouse of the future." - Catherine Foxley
  • "Lady Cassidy is truly an asset to the court. Damn shame she isn't my childe. She has everything I value. Cleverness, Attentiveness to details, and Civil Manners to swim among the court sharks." - Jared Wynters
  • "If you seek meaning within these dark nights, then listen to the music within her words, not the song"" - Luciana Santora DuVal|
  • "Cassidy is a brave woman who braves the lion's den with a firm jaw and a strong back. She came, saw, and left intact." - Alida
  • "Keeper Cassidy is a quiet woman, but she has wise counsel and don't be fooled by her quiet demeanor. She is listening and has a wealth of knowledge that is true gold." - Shandra Sauger
  • "She is strong and has tenacity. Though I'd rather she not be formal with me as she is fond to those close to me." - Amira Kanaan

Cassidy Mason

Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Santo Domingo

Name: Devon Weir
Member Number: US2007039567
Domain: Dallas, Texas

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