Cassius Wilde

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"On I go, to wonder and to learning
Name the stars and know their dark returning
I'm calling, to know the world's true yearning
The hunger that a child feels for everything they're shown

You watch me,
Just watch me,
I'm calling, and one day all will know"

- All That's Known, Spring Awakening

Commonly Known Information

Name: Cassius Wilde


Bloodline: Sons of Discord

Generation: Ancilla

Embraced: 1897

Apparent Age: Mid-20s

Sect: Anarch Movement

Gang: The Shrikes

Positions: 2nd in command of the Shrikes

Status: Committed to the Anarch Movement

Notable Traits: Incredibly humane (Humanity 6)


At 5 feet 7 inches tall, Cassius is only slightly shorter than most of his peers. Often sporting slicked-back hair and a scowl, it's difficult to see how he's apparently seen as charismatic to the mortals he works with on a night-to-night basis. His clothes range from formal to extravagant, though he's almost always wearing a pair of pink-tinted glasses, no matter how horribly they clash with modern fashion.

Known History

1862 - Moves from London to New York City sometime before his Embrace
1897 - Embraced by Edith Grey
1897 - Joins the Anarch Movement as a Nihllist
1944 - Moves to LA, forms a gang by the name of the Shrikes with Teagan during the Second Anarch Revolt.
2015 - Comes out openly as a Son of Discord. Switches gang direction to Constructionist.

Allies, Contacts, Friends and the Rest

  • Teagan - Leader of the Shrikes, best friend since 1944.
  • Carmen de la Vega - Close friend since 2015. Despite how much he seems to care about her, the two haven't spoken much recently.
  • Julius Kern - Another close friend, one of the few people on a Path of Enlightenment Cassius seems to interact positively with.


  • "Without a doubt, Cassius is one of the most passionate people I've ever met and I can safely say he never does *anything* half-assed. He never ceases to inspire me with his drive and commitment to his cause. He's been dealt a pretty shitty hand recently and it kills me to know I can't help him fix it, but I know he'll make it through. The next time he sings, I hope he'll let me be there to hear it." - Carmen de la Vega
  • "Cassius is one of the few Kindred I would ever let be by my side in a fight, even if he hates fightin' nowadays. I will always stand by him even if he is wearing those completely garish clothes. He's eccentric and wild, but only I'm allowed to make fun of him for that and if you do I'll claw your tongue out." -Teagan
  • "Cassius has been tested many times, and each time has done well. I am glad to see him around, when I do." - Leon Harris
  • "Seeing Monsieur Wilde's demeanor change when I approach is a testament to the true atrocity of the past. While it felt justified in the moment, it still ripples now, and to see his star dimmed so breaks my heart." - Madeleine Tonnerre


  • He and Carmen got in to a fight, and aren't currently on speaking terms.
  • He doesn't sing in public.
  • His pink glasses are a horcrux.
  • He is definitely not a Setite infiltrator. Really. For sure. Probably.
  • He is actually a Malkavian in disguise. Because reasons.

OOC Information

Player: Kya Harris US2015090022

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Storyteller: Cameron McCoy

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Location: San Diego, California