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"Then wake the Gimp up!"'


Cast is a walking Shitpost.
His embrace gave him a new look on life, one of hedonism and worldly excess. He cheated death and he won’t waste the Gift of Cain by sitting around in a coffin all day. He revels in his nature and lives for any extreme he can find. His filter broken, he speaks his mind and his sense of humor for what it is worth is a constant stream from hood. He is almost perpetually happy, unable to find anything wrong with his nature and very satisfied with himself and what he has done with it. A bevy of bad jokes and puns, he revels in the weird and obscene, His actions not always necessary, taking opportunities to make people double take and thrives off of shock. Trying his best to be at least a little off putting (Eire Presence) and delights in Cain's Blessings Unpredictability is something he takes pride in as he works to keep the enemies of Cain’s Sword off balance. He takes his roll as Abbot extremely seriously and goes out of his way to be an excellent and gracious host, even if he is not hosting.


Cast easily stands out in a crowd as his usual attire tends to incorporate Latex, Leather, Chains, and Straps. The reasons for his attire are simple: For one it hides his nature as a Nosferatu, his embrace making him not just hideous as the rest of his Clan, but he came out of the experience a bit more *slimey* than most and the gimp suit keeps him…”contained”. For two, he likes it.


Spending his life in slums, Castello started life as confidently as he left it. Completely convinced of his “do no wrong” and “always right” attitude he was entirely bark with no bite. Though he lacked a right hook, he managed to prove himself useful as he could and made a rather useful Toady. Always looking to make a quick buck off of cheap drugs, smut, or a car radio or two he quickly gilded his tongue with silver to keep himself at least one step ahead of a baseball bat to his leg.
His Embrace did not change much about him. Conscripted into the Sabbat’s hoard he made due with what he had and found that he liked exactly what had happened to him. So much bark all his life and now he FINALLY had bite and more to spare. Being Kindred filled him with thrill and he reveled in his new power and thirst, being a Top Dog and made his old boss’s his new subordinates. One the shovel wound in his head healed he took no time turning his old rings into a supply chain for the Sabbat. Moving around as he could to maximize his effect on the War he found himself among the Order of St. Blaise quickly.
Amassing his own personal wealth on the side he has found the Blood Accords to be boring. Peace is not good for business after all and his boredom was broken when he ran into Tristanna Irmuska and joined her pack, the Mandate.


The Line of Shovel Heads

Myths and Legends

The "Peacock Incident" will not be forgotten


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OOC Inspirations

These are characters and things that inspired this PC

* - Gimp- Pulp Fiction
* - Hedonism Bot- Futurama

OOC Soundtrack

Songs that inspired this PC and continue to inspire

* - Hair
* - Sexy and I know it
* - Masocistic Tango
* - This is me
* -


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Nosferatu Symbol.png


Sect: Sabbat
Faction: Order of St. Blaise
Location: Rockford, IL
Clan: Nosferatu
Victorious by Cardinal Miranda the Baptizer
Position: Abbot of the Mandate
Lineage: None

OOC Information

Player: User:Justin Dupras US2016010069
Email: Email Me
Location: Chicago, IL
Storyteller: Jennifer Brazas
Contact: VST Contact info