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A Timeline of Toronto

1700’s - Gangrel Antitribu move freely in the area, feeding from the Mississaugas and Iroquois in the region and using it as a base to harass Camarilla sponsored fur traders.

1750’s - Toreador from New France assist French efforts in build a Fort (Fort Rouillé) but the British Victory in the Seven Years War stops Camarilla expansion plans for the area for the next three decades.

1787 - The Toronto Purchase.

1790’s - Camarilla Kindred join British settlers and Loyalists and drive the Gangrel Antitribu away.

1792 - Fort York Established. York incorporated as a Township and capital of Upper Canada.

1797 - Ventrue Lucas Pierce claims Praxis in the name of the Camarilla.

1812-1814 - War of 1812. Sabbat follow along with American troops attacking York in 1813 and try to siege control. Camarilla influence over civic and religious authorities allows the Sect to hold out against the Sabbat and defeat the Sword of Caine as soon as the Americans retreat.

1815 - Prince Pierce roots Camarilla control of York in the Family Compact.

1820’s - 1830’s - A number of Anarchs arrive in the York area and surrounding townships and begin to become involved with the human Reform Movement.

1834 - York is incorporated as a City and renamed Toronto.

1837 - Anarchs encourage the local Reform Movement to launch a rebellion when most of the Toronto Garrison is rushed to Lower Canada to deal with the Rebellion there. The Camarilla crushes the Rebellion at the Battle of Montgomery’s Tavern and several Anarchs are killed, becoming martyrs to the movement.

1839 - The Durham Report on the Rebellions is presented to Parliament.

1840 - The power of the Family Compact begins to wane as reforms are implemented. The Sabbat see an opportunity and begin to kidnap and replace many of the officials sent to Toronto before they arrive with loyal fleshcrafted Revenants.

1842 - After a two year conflict the Camarilla are overthrown and Prince Pierce is killed.

1849 - The First Great Fire of Toronto destroys many of the Sabbat Cainites including the Archbishop. Both the Camarilla and the Anarchs are too weak to exploit the opportunity and the Sabbat is able to regroup. The cause of the fire has not been determined.

1875 - The Anarchs seek to use the Jubilee Riots to take control of the City, an effort that fails.

1904 - The Second Great Fire of Toronto provides the Camarilla with an opportunity and they attempt to take the city. This effort fails as the Sabbat had enacted a number of reforms in the aftermath of the 1849 fire to prevent a major decimation in leadership from happening again

1954 - Metropolitan Toronto is created.

1998 - Toronto, Scarborough, East York, York, North York and Etobicoke are amalgamated to form the “Mega City” of Toronto. A Ventrue Antitribu named Elijah Deverell claims the Title of Archbishop, the first Cainite to take the title since 1849. The Camarilla begins preparations for a full Siege.

1999 - The Red Star appears.

2001 - The Time of Turmoil hits Toronto. Poor Masquerade management make the city a popular target for Hunters. In a number of neighborhoods grassroots hunter groups begin to form on their own and a few attract more professional hunters who offer training and mentorship.

2003 - SARS hits Toronto and kills six hundred and twelve people between February and November. The leadership of the Camarilla Siege Preparation are recalled and replaced.

2008 - A propane explosion in Downsview kills 20 and destroys over 100 homes. The first Camarilla agents enter the City under orders to stay hidden, observe and establish safe houses.

2009 - The worst of the hunter assault on the city ends, leaving the Sabbat bloodied but experienced.

2010 - The Anarchs inflame the G20 protests and retreat as the Sabbat and the Police crackdown on rioters and peaceful protestors alike. Several Anarchs begin using mortal groups to chip away at the powers of the police and other tools of Sabbat control.

2011 - The Anarchs and the Camarilla agree to a treaty for the joint taking of the city from the Sabbat. Each Sect is promised a share of the Domain once victory is achieved.

2012 - The Chicago Accord disrupts planning of the Siege, leaving many Camarilla members frustrated and many Anarchs feeling betrayed. The Camarilla decide to continue observations in the city in order to ascertain just what resources the Sabbat has control over in Canada’s largest city.

2013 - A community activist is killed in Jane and Finch by the Sabbat in front of over fifty witnesses, a major breach is barely contained and tensions mount between more aggressive Sabbat packs and more philosophical Sabbat packs.

2015 - The Anarch smuggle in more ghouls and operatives during the PanAm Games.

2016 - Anarch and Camarilla observers report major tensions within the Sabbat. Several Packs leave the City and Archbishop Deverell announces a break with the “Cowards of the Dull Sword” who have sold themselves to the Antediluvians.

Domain Citizens

Kindred of the Camarilla

Prince: Liam Malloy, Clan Brujah


Harpy: Declan Malloy, Clan Brujah

Keeper of Elysium:

Sheriff: Fionna Malloy, Clan Gangrel


Primogen Council:









Citizens of the Tower:
Ethan Xavier Carter III

Kindred of the Anarch Movement





Citizens of the Anarch Movement:

Kindred of the Independent Alliance




Keeper of Sacred Spaces:

Emissary: Don Angus Dunsirn of Clan Giovanni

Citizens of the Independent Alliance:

Unaligned Kindred:

Other Supernaturals



Domain Details

Domain: CND-008 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Storytellers: Bernard Dawson and Vance Brews

Storyteller Email: