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Name: Catalin "Cat" Corbeanu
Affiliated Tribe: Glasswalker
Sept: [The Reach]
Rank: Kinfolk
Breed: Homid
Founder & CEO: Nex-Weave Security
Age: 29
Hair: Dark Brown, short
Eyes: Green
Height: 6 foot 2 inches
Race: Caucasian, Romanian American


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Catalin stands at 6ft 2inches, with faintly eastern European features. He keeps his face clean shaven and his brown hair cut short and styled out of his face. His green eyes constantly flicker here and about watching people around him. He's usually seen with a smile and a word of polite greeting. Catalin often dresses formally when conducting business. During his time with the sept he's dressed more practically with a jacket containing many pockets. He possesses almost no scent, an odd occurrence for those accustomed to using their noses, and he's very hard to track either in person or online.
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He prefers planning ahead for every contingency and dislikes it when his carefully laid schedule is disrupted. Sometimes he appears distracted but it's usually because he's entertaining several different lines of thought at once. Like the bulk of his tribe, he's an accomplished programmer and hacker. He's also thoroughly versed in the latest in security and countermeasures. Catalin is fond of firearms, and is well practiced in the use, maintenance and construction of them. He's also an art buff and his home is littered with his collection of pieces from local artists.

Catalin loves his Tribe, he sees them as extended family. He's also a big supporter of the Concordat of Stars. Catalin is also a study in contrasts. Among his employees and most human interaction he's assertive and confident. With the Fera and the Garou he's deferential to the point of being submissive. This is not an act as he truly does see the Fera and Garou as superior beings chosen by Gaia, a by product of the environment he was raised around.

His family is old money though he's also done well for himself with his startup company. His family has deep roots into the shadier aspect of Seattle. He's been expected to use those connections to help further the Glasswalker cause however he is needed. He considers it his duty to get his hands dirty so that his Garou relatives can keep their hands clean. How strongly that resolve will be tested is yet to be seen.

Cat History Text.png

- Born December 20th 1989 to Alina and Fane Corbeanu, a 2nd generation immigrant Kinfolk Romanian American family living in Seattle Washington.
- 1990-1999 Catalin has an uneventful and fairly normal childhood. His family comes from a long association of interbreeding with the Glasswalker Tribe and he's made aware of their connections at a very early age. They are associated with the Caern at Enumclaw.
- 1999-2003 The Enumclaw Caern is repeatedly accosted by agents of the Wyrm, the sept experiences infighting and numerous new alphas are challenged and replaced. The first totem, Bear, leaves, the second toem Stag eventually dies despite all attempts to save it and the caern from the gnostic plague. The remaining Garou leave the area, many head to Alaska.
- 2004-2009 Catalin's family remains behind to tend to the various family businesses and keep a Glasswalker presence in Seattle.
- 2007 Catalin leaves Seattle to attend Princeton University.
- 2010 In Seattle, Waits Patiently is tasked with obtaining information from a secretive Pentex subsidiary near Seattle. He learns of another business owned by a Glass Walker Kinfolk named Catalin Corbeau. Waits Patiently feeds the Kinfolk enough information to put the company on his radar. After a while, Cat agrees to leverage his influence against the subsidiary, allowing Waits Patiently to slip in and out largely undetected.
- 2010 Graduated with a double major of Computer Engineering and Business with a minor in art history. He returns home where he is told about his new responsibilities and some of the more unsavory parts of the family business that he'll be expected to take on in support of the Tribe. Catalin negotiates for two years of traveling abroad to visit other septs and learn about the Glasswalker tribe outside of Seattle.
- 2010 A ward springs up around the greater Seattle area that instantly turns any Vampire's blood to ash.
- 2014 Catalin returns to Seattle and becomes another of the young founder/CEO's to a tech startup company named Nex-weave. A seed shard from the Alaska caern is brought to the area by a few of the old survivors of the Enumclaw Caern. They succeed in creating a new, if small, caern near the town of Oso. They are largely Sanctum oriented and Catalin's family is kept at arms length.
- 2014 Bear’s Honor, aided by Cleverest, secretly in alliance with the tainted forces of Headwaters (now fallen to the Wyrm), massacre the Sept and seize the caern. The destruction is so complete that the town of Oso, (containing a large amount of kinfolk) is buried by a massive landslide. The area is heavily tainted.
- 2016 The Flamekeepers pack journey to the Congo to acquire the new seed, Catalin steps in to financially help secure the monetary purchase of land outside of Fall City, the new future location of the Caern.
- April 2017 Catalin and several new traveling Fera and Garou help secure the seed and the Sept of The Reach is created.
- May 2017 Salmon is chosen as the new totem and Jorge “CLASSIFIED” Montoya Alpha of Ambient Noise and Arden Ragabash Glasswalker steps up to be new Sept Alpha.

Cat Quotes Text.png

  • -"What does it say about a human that he has no scent?" - Haunts-the-Forest
  • -"Best kind of Cat is the one that's actually a Wolf. And Glasswalker is even better kind of Wolf. So Cat--this Cat--is pretty good." - Scraps
  • -"I remember Cat. He was a perfect gentleman, and we had a lot of fun. 'Summer classes' *laughs*" - Ember Fannon
  • -"I didn't know what to expect when Cat came into my dojo; he took some convincing to bring into the program. But, he became one of my most devoted students. I'm quite proud of what Cat has made of himself." - Aidan Storm
  • -"Cat is a great boon to the Glasswalkers. He allows us to better work with humans against the Wyrm and he fights alongside us. I am proud to have him as kin." - StrongTalk
  • -"We've been through a lot, the Glasswalkers. Cat's been there, supporting us along the way. He's gone from an ally to a friend." - Hollis Faraday
  • -"I have had a poor impression of Glasswalkers in the past , to the point of intolerance and hatred. They get caught in the trappings of the Weaver without care of what that means - choosing comfort of convenience over simpler ways that are less reliant on such trappings. My cousin was turned by them through the bite and I saw this as a betrayal. But individuals like Catalin have begun to change my mind . When support was needed in kinfolk issues , he and others of his tribe were there. I may not like the heavy reliance and potential complacency that come from the trappings of the Weaver , but the Glasswalkers are no longer my enemy . This is due in large part to people like him ." - Sylvi Anker
  • -"When I was at my worst Cat was there to pick up the pieces and get me the care I needed even if it wasn't the care I wanted. I'll never be able to repay him enough for that." - Clickbait Luciano
  • -"It gives me hope, knowing that there are other driven Kinfolk who will put forth the effort to get things done and prove we are not simply the husbands and wives of Garou, but capable of supporting the efforts to protect and fight for Gaia in our own ways." - Madison Walsh
  • -"Garou protect their Kinfolk. But he wants to protect Garou from the bad parts of the human world. So much of the human world is bad, he can not protect Garou from all of it. He will not stop trying. That is why I respect him." - QuietFoot
  • -"Cat has always been a friend and one of my best students with a gun. There is nothing better than watching a student surpass the teacher. I sincerely hope I get to live long enough to witness what great thing he does next for I know it will make Gerard proud too." - Jason Rykr
  • -"He didn't hesitate to offer the aid I needed, and eventually he understood the rules of barter for us both to be comfortable. A cute chap for any unattached young Lady". - Annika
  • -"Always good to meet a fan. Even better when they have a good head on their shoulders and can shoot the wings off a fruit fly from 100 yards away. Seattle's in good hands with him around." Aaron Tildon
  • -"As StrongTalk is my reason for hope for the Children of Cockroach, so is this one my reason for despair. His idealism is a disguise for his naivety, his boldness a veneer for his audacity. Perhaps the Glass Walkers are served well by him, but I cannot guess as to how." - Duskcaller
  • -"Did I ever tell you about the time Catalin hooked one of the Wyrm's spawn from right out of the Sound? Big old evil fish, nasty thing, with brown sores and spikes all down its back like barbed wire. No? Well, it started with this leech who had a house he fancied, right up on that hill over there..." - 'Spector
  • -"He's much better at the kinfolking than I am- which is great. Someone needs to care like he does." - Collyn Laskaris
  • -"I have been where he is, and to be honest I miss the simplicity of that existence. I say that to clearly articulate that I identify with his concerns, I honestly do. But my greatest fear is that all he is doing is distracting us from making headway in other more immediate threats... my nightmare is that the kin get the equality they deserve when they share in fate of a dead world." - Oliver "Truth & Consequences" Bishop
  • -"Catalin? Yes, I know him, fine, upstanding man as himself who has some serious influence to flex and get things done. He's been leading up a lot of projects against Pentex. I don't envy him but he knows how to get a job done. He's been a fantastic ally." - Priscilla Lamnidae
  • -"He is my Nick Fury of the Kinfolk. This man knows how to get people to assemble to get a job done quickly and effectively." - Valen Cross
  • -"Personable, capable, and well connected. I hope to work with him again." - William Henry Howard
  • -"He's a good guy and knows his stuff and he's not afraid to tell you. If I could have a fraction of his confidence and knowledge when I'm older, I'll be doing very well indeed."-Molly Tucker
  • -" "Resourceful as hell. Not bad on the eyes, either. Basically, he's MacGuyver except I don't see him getting canceled anytime soon. Too dedicated to his work.""-Amber Lauren
  • -"Excellent at what he does, now if he was a Wendigo kin....." - Olivia Whitefeather
  • -"Your quote here." - Character Name

Cat Rumors Text.png

  • - Personal Files on Glass Walkers - I love my tribe. We've been on the cutting edge of society dating back to the beginnings of human civilization. We've also been leaders in the in formation of the Concordat, Fera rights, and progressive ideals within the Nation. We aren't perfect, and there are certainly individuals in the Tribe that may take their love affair with the Weaver too far, but what social group doesn't have their extremes? I believe we can bring balance back to the Triat; the Weaver may be out of balance, but it's not our enemy.
  • - Personal Files on The Concordat of Stars - What faction is pushing for more cooperation between the Nation and the Fera? What faction is seeking to break old traditions that no longer serve a purpose? Who honors the very necessary contributions of the Gurahl and Mokole to developing shard caerns? We do.
  • - Personal Files on the Sanctum of Gaia - You can't do this on your own. We have less than five years. I was at the Concolation in Texas. Even those members purportedly part of your faction didn't hold to the strict orthodoxy you lay down in your social policies. Change is inevitable, and I find it ironic that a group so virulently opposed to the Weaver would take such a static outlook on life.
  • - Personal Files on the Garou - I'm related by blood, but far and away removed from them. I can never be part of their inner circle. I know this. Sometimes I watch them and become so frustrated when they let their passions get the better of them. Sometimes I cower in fear at their rage. Often I'm in awe at the insight they have to another world that I'll never really have a part in. It's true when it's said that you can choose your friends and sometimes your enemies, but you can't choose your family.
  • - Personal Files on the Fera - They've long been hunted and persecuted, in many cases to extinction. I can't blame their distrust or their anger. I hope to be part of the process that proves to them of our sincere intentions at peace. I think no amount of word craft will do it. It's going to take action, sacrifice, and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.
  • - Personal Files on Kinfolk - If Gaia favors one set of children over the other then it's undeniable that we are the least of these. I expect to see Fera recognized as full equals before we will ever be seen as more in the Garou's eyes. Maybe we shouldn't. But I do know that agency is a right of all sentient beings. After all aren't we all Gaia's children? We can do more than we've been allowed to do. I hope to show the Garou that one day.
  • - Personal Files on Humanity - Gaia never blessed us with fang to fight and defend ourselves. No fur to stay warm in the cold. No connection to the pantheistic, animistic universe we all inhabit. We are ignorant and half blind about the world we live in. We had only our minds and the tools we've made. But look at what we can do! We created clothes for our skin, weapons to defend with. We've been to deep depths of the ocean; we've developed cures for ailments and food shortages. We've been to space, and we've developed knowledge of the material half of the universe down to the subatomic level. Yes, we've made a lot of mistakes along the way, and we aren't blameless. But don't we deserve the chance to live? We can be a force for balance. Things are getting better... and I've no desire to watch all my kind die at the hands of the shifters.
  • - Personal Files on Red Talons - A tribe I've classified as having a lateral hatred for me and all that I stand for. They have one plan: cull everyone that they don't agree with. They've done it countless times over history, and it's never worked out for the betterment of Gaia once. Not even once.
  • - Personal Files on Pentex - It typifies all that's wrong with human society. Greed, power mongering, misanthropy, and of course the taint of the Wyrm. If there is ever a time I can sympathize with the Talons it's about Pentex. Fighting its monolithic influence in at least my small corner of the world is part of my calling.