Catalina Juliana De-Royas

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Clan: Toreador

Society: The Camarilla






Mortal Biography

1576 – Born into a wealthy family in Valencia, Spain, her mother dies giving birth to her and this results in her being frail.
1577 – Father remarries quickly.
1578 – Twin brothers are born.
1581 – Begins apprenticing as a seamstress with her stepmother.
1587 – She learns that a marriage has been arranged.
1588- She meets her betrothed for the first time.
1590 – She starts to study harder, and begins to sew her own wedding dress.
1592 – Shortly before the wedding Catalina becomes very ill.
1594 – Catalina’s health becomes well enough for her to get married.
1595 – Catalina births her son. This causes great strain on her body and she almost dies.
1601 – Unaware to this, Catalina becames pregnant.
1602 – She gives birth to another baby boy and Catalina’s health rapidly declines.
1602 – Catalina is pronounced dead and they quickly hold a ceremony for her.

Vampiric Biography

1602 – A Toreador who has been following her work for a while, finds her body and sees that she is not dead, but close. Unwilling to let her skill die, he embraces her.
1609 - 1718 - Catalina follows her sire through England and France.
1718 - She sails to what is now the Carolina’s and decides to settle here.

1875 – Catalina becomes very reserved and starts to focus more heavily on her sewing.

1876 – 1976 – Catalina fills her haven with beautiful tapestries, linen cloth covers, blankets, and other cloth decorations, most of them filled with emotions to make her Haven more and less accommodating.

1976- Present – Catalina continues to join in social events and spends most of her time enjoying the arts.


Rumors Heard by Kindred Society

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  • In all her years she has never embraced.
  • She is intrigued by the Nosferatu.
  • Catalina infused despair and rage into garments she made for humans to destroy their lives.
  • She wears the finger bones of her husband and his wife around her neck.

♥ Quotes about Catalina ♥

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"What can I say? She makes some killer fucking clothes. She don't take no shit either." - Dicky Coughlin

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Commonly Known Acquaintances amongst Kindred Society

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Sebastos Palaiologos
Diedra Eddington
Dicky Coughlin


OOC Information

Player: Mindy Hiers

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Storyteller: James Andrews

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Location: Charleston, SC

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== ♫♪ Soundtrack for Catalina ♪♫==

Santeria, Sublime

But my soul will have to wait.

Hotel California, Eagles

This could be Heaven or this could be Hell

Right Now, Korn

I'm feeling mean today. Not lost, not blown away. Just irritated and quite hated, Self control breaks down

Getting Away With Murder, Papa Roach

To tell the truth I am getting away with murder. It isn't possible to never tell the truth but the reality is I'm getting away with murder

Paint it black, The Rolling Stones

If I look hard enough into the settin' sun my love will laugh with me before the mornin' comes