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The Fannon Family


Born to the Family:
Name Deed Name Rank Tribe/Species Auspice Breed Faction Pack
Josephine Fannon Mama 0 - Kinfolk Fianna None Homid Sanctum of Gaia None
Douglas Fannon Defends the Homestead 4 - Athro Fianna Ahroun Homid Sanctum of Gaia Briar Pack
Margret Fannon Fionn's Fire 1 - Claith Fianna Ahroun Homid Sanctum of Gaia Briar Pack
Amos Fannon Almost Famous 3 - Adren Fianna Ragabash Homid Sanctum of Gaia
Cedrick Fannon Drinks the Night 2 - Fostern Fianna Theurge Homid Sanctum of Gaia Briar Pack
Maeve Fannon Maeve of the Painted Heart 2 - Fostern Children of Gaia Galliard Homid Concordat of Stars Briar Pack
Gordon Fannon Skips the Test 2 - Fostern Fianna Philidox Homid Sanctum of Gaia Briar Pack
Aiden Fannon 0 - Kinfolk Fianna None Homid Sanctum of Gaia None
Matthew Fannon Deceased January 2018 Little Bear 2 - Fostern Fianna Ahroun Homid Sanctum of Gaia Briar Pack
Willow Fannon Tales in Motion 2 - Fostern Fianna Galliard Homid Sanctum of Gaia A Family Affair
Patrick Augmented Evolution 2 - Fostern Glass Walker Theurge Homid Concordat of Stars
Amy Fannon One of Those Fannons 2 - Fostern Corax Ragabash Homid (Bitten) Sanctum of Gaia
Margaret Callahan Vanguard of Rage 3 - Adren Fianna Ahroun Homid Sanctum of Gaia Plague of Glory
Ember Fannon Mends the Mother 3 - Adren Fianna Theurge Homid Sanctum of Gaia Seiryuu's Chosen
Cain Cormac Deed Name 0 - Rank Fianna Auspice Homid Sanctum of Gaia
Lewis Timothy Cassidy Deed Name 0 - Rank Fianna Auspice Homid Sanctum of Gaia
Kara Fannon 0 - Kinfolk Fianna None Homid Sanctum of Gaia None
Nathaniel Fannon 0 - Cub Fianna Philidox Homid Sanctum of Gaia None
Bree Fannon Fionn's Fire 1 - Cliath Fianna Theurge Homid Sanctum of Gaia Briar Pack
Thorned Clover Thorned Clover 2 - Fostern Fianna Ahroun Lupus Sanctum of Gaia None
Deirdre Fannon Deceased 1999 0 - Kinfolk Fianna None Homid Sanctum of Gaia None
Caitlin Fannon None 0 - Kinfolk Fianna None Homid Sanctum of Gaia None
Eileen Oliver Unknown 2 - Fostern Fianna Ahroun Homid Concordat of Stars

Chosen by the Family:

Name Deed Name Rank Tribe/Species Auspice Breed Faction Pack
Anders Berg Maverick 2 - Fostern Get of Fenris Ahroun Homid Sanctum of Gaia A Family Affair
Winter Sunshine Winter Sunshine 2 - Fostern Bastet Ragabash Feline Plague of Glory
Keirn Rourke 0 - Kinfolk Fianna None Homid Sanctum of Gaia None
Bowery Bill Bromley Unknown Fianna None Homid Sanctum of Gaia
Paul Lassick 0 - Cub Black Fury Theurge Homid None None

Family By Marriage:

Name Deed Name Rank Tribe/Species Auspice Breed Root Family
Eva Glenanne None 0 - Cub Child of Gaia Ragabash Homid Glenanne
Patrick Glenanne Hope's Finder 2 - Fostern Child of Gaia Theurge Homid Glenanne
Molly Glenanne Unknown 2 - Fostern Fianna Ragabash Lupus Glenanne

['Clan O'Mannion']


Early History

Since 1172, the year of the Anglo/Norman invasion of Ireland, the history of the family name Fannon has been woven into the romantic green fabric of the Emerald Isle as surely as if the name had been native. The first record of the name Fannon was found in Tipperary where the norman family settled at Ballygarry in 1172, after the invasion of Ireland. They were originally from Fainent in Normandy, and arrived in England during the Norman conquest of 1066. Although the name Fannon, occurred in many references, from time to time the surname was recorded as Feenan, Fanning, Fannin, Fanningley, Finan, Finnan, O'Finan, O'Finnan, O’Fannon and these changes in spelling frequently occurred between father and son. It was not uncommon for a person to be born with one spelling, married with another, and to have yet another recorded at his wake. This now Irish family Fannon emerged as a distinguished family in Tipperary. By the 15th century they had branched to County Limerick and settled in Ballyfanning, and later renamed it Fanningstown.

Races the Wind was an Fostern Ahroun who married a Fae lover. He promised to keep her safe, and keep her from harm. He was sent on a mission for his Sept’s Righ in the Spring of 1647. He was sent to recover an ancient relic from the lands of Pangea. While he was away the town of Cashel, where his Fae wife lived, was sacked by the English army. His wife died and Races the Wind was cursed into madness. In his crazed state he fled into the countryside and was never seen again. Some think he was killed by roving bands of Fomori, while others think he was lost in the Umbra. No one is quite sure what happened to him, but it is said he still haunts the family to this day, ensuring that no other family member meets the fate that befell him.

Dancer’s Doom was a Philodox Elder and Alpha of the Son of Morrina pack. He earned his name, and the rank of Elder, in the defense of Silver Tara for killing nearly 200 Black Spiral Dancers in the week long battle. The Son’s of Morrina gained great renowned for their actions. For his courageous actions in defense of the tribal caern Dancer’s Doom was granted a klaive named Howlers’ Demise. Dancer’s Doom died in glorious battle in 1650 at the young age of 27.

Jacob “Blood in His Heart” Fannon was the only son of Dancer’s Doom to gain any great amount of Renown. He was born in 1647. He was an Ahroun and achieved the rank of Athro and the position of Wyrm Foe of the Silver Tara for a brief time. He is said to have wielded Howlers’ Demise with honor. Jacob Fannon lived to an old age and died in battle to Wyrm in 1705.

Over the next hundred years the Fannon family distinguished themselves producing strong Garou and fertile kinfolk. Some of the greatest Garou included Brian “Shields the Innocent” Fannon an Adren Ragabash who was able to to sneak into a BSD pit and rescue 4 kidnaped kinfolk without being detected in 1715. Bevin “Sings the Litany” Fannon an Athro Philodox, who in 1736, was mocked for being a weak female by two Fostern Ahrouns. To prove herself she completed the requirements of both of their Fostern challenges in succession, single-handedly, and faster than either of them had done so while still being Cliath. She was also the first female Garou in the Fannon family to wield Howlers’ Demise.

Patrick “Kisses the Moon” Fannon, a Fostern Galliard, who is said to have, in a single moot, won a kiss from every female kinfolk in the Sept by making each of them laugh in turn in 1785. These are just a few of the many Garou throughout the century that distinguished themselves and proved their loyalty to each other and the Nation.

Finn “Sees the Way” Fannon was one of 4 children, and the only male born to his parents. He was a Theurge that spent most of his time in the Umbra traveling between the Fianna Homeland and Arcadia Gateway. He lost touch with the world, and thought lost by the family, but when he returned he was blessed with Stag’s favor. Stag gave him a vision and Finn knew that his family needed to go to the new world, so in 1801 he gathered up all of the kinfolk and Garou of the Fannon family, except for a single nuclear group, and headed to the new country. The family landed in New York, NY. In a tragic accident in 1810 the Garou of the Fannon family were destroyed by 4 packs of BSDs that ambushed them in the night. A few of the kinfolk were able to escape the carnage. Among the surviving kinfolk was Finn’s wife Molly Fannon. An imposing red headed woman, she gathered the remaining kinfolk and fled to San Antonio, TX, carrying Howlers’ Demise in her trunk, and established the Fannon Farm in 1820, and so started the tradition of the matriarchal lineage.

  • Fannon Farm is established. Starts as a subsistence farm for the family.
  • Fannon Farm’s slave population quickly grows and cotton becomes its main cash crop. The Farm quickly grows into a large plantation.
  • Molly Fannon dies from disease and her daughter Shirley Fannon becomes the Mama.
  • Clara Fannon is born to Shirley Fannon. [Future Mama]
  • The Battle of the Alamo can be heard from the porch of the farm house. Mexican skirmishers attempt to occupy the barn, and are destroyed quickly by John “Shakes the Ground” Fannon, a Cliath Philodox who had changed just 1 year prior.
  • Rebecca Fannon is born to Clara Fannon. [Future Mama]
  • US Civil War begins.
  • Fannon Garou travel throughout the Union and Confederacy attempting to limit the movements of banes and BSDs.
  • US Civil War ends.
  • The slaves that worked the Fannon Farm’s cotton fields are freed, many stay on as tenant farmers.
  • Shirley Fannon dies. Clara Fannon becomes the Mama.
  • In the night 2 packs of BSDs raid the house and steal Howler’s Demise from its place above the mantel.
  • John “Shakes the Ground” Fannon, now Athro, rallies his pack as well as the pack of Thomas “Storms the Night” Fannon, an Adren Ragabash, to go after the BSD packs. John Fannon is killed in the ensuing fight along with half of the Thomas’s packmates. The klaive is not recovered.
  • Mary “Stalks the Railroad” Fannon is born to Rebecca Fannon.
  • The twins Alice and Amelia Fannon are born to Rebecca Fannon. [ Alice is Future Mama]
  • Clara Fannon is killed while out in the fields by a roaming pack of Skull Pigs. The pack is run down and killed by the combined might of the Sept led by Thomas “Storms the Night” Fannon.
  • Rebecca Fannon becomes Mama.
  • The Fannon Garou are rallied by Mary “Stalks the Railroad” Fannon, an Adren Ahroun, and travel to Galveston enmass to destroy the tremendously large bane that was controlling the hurricane that killed 8000 people. Thomas *“Storms the Night” Fannon is killed during the battle as he was tossed miles into the sky by the bane and was killed when he fell back down into the ground.
  • Rebecca Fannon dies of old age, and Alice Fannon becomes the Mama.
  • Prohibition causes the Fannon brewery to move underground. The liquor made is sold at the speakeasy, “The Midnight Well” started by Richard “Drinks the Night” Fannon, a Cliath Ragabash. It is also distributed to other speakeasies around San Antonio, TX.
  • Edythe Fannon is born to Alice Fannon. [Future Mama]
  • The Great Depression hits the Fannon Farm. Most of the Tenant farmers relinquish their plots back to the Fannon family.
  • Prohibition ends and “The Midnight Well” is closed down as it is no longer profitable to maintain. The property it was built on is kept by the Fannon family. Richard “Drinks the Night” Fannon moves on to other adventures.
  • Amelia “Storm Weaver” Fannon, twin to Alice, becomes an Athro of the Nation.
  • USA enters WWII. Many of the Fannon kinfolk decide to enlist in the US Army and Navy. Notably Cpl. Jonathan “Johnny” Fannon was with the 82nd Airborne and made jumps into France during Operation Boston as part of the D-Day landings and into the Netherlands as part of Operation Market Garden.
  • 2LT. Nancy Fannon who served as a nurse in the 48th Surgical/ 128th Evacuation Hospital. During her time she assisted in surgery while under enemy fire and was deployed to North Africa, Sicily, France, and Germany.
  • WWII ends. There were 4 kinfolk that were KIA and never return home to the Fannon Farm.
  • Sgt. Ricky Fannon - KIA in North Africa as part of the 1st Armored Division when his tank was destroyed in 1943.
  • Pvt. Eric Fannon - KIA in the Battle of Mount Austen on Guadalcanal as part of the 25th Infantry Division in 1943.
  • Cpl. Gary Fannon - KIA in the liberation of Southern France as part of the 3rd Infantry Division in 1945.
  • Fireman 2nd Class David Fannon - KIA when a Japanese Kamikaze pilot crashed into the port edge of the USS Essex’s flight deck in 1944.
  • Edythe Fannon marries Walter McGarvey who become Walter Fannon.
  • Alice Fannon dies of pneumonia and Edythe Fannon becomes the Mama.
  • Amelia “Storm Weaver” Fannon becomes Sept Alpha of The Sept of the Prairie Water.


o There's a wild coyote that visits the farm's cemetery, but only during certain times of the year.
o The old Oak Tree in the middle of the corn fields is blessed by Gaia herself.
o The whole family is cursed until they can get Howler's Demise back.
o The Fannon's are all part of a Dionisian Cult.
o The Fannons collect individuals from all tribes and ways of life.
o The Fannons are not really Fianna, but subject to an elaborate prank from a trickster.
o The Fannons and the Clan O'Mannion were linked by marriage in the Spring of 1947.
o Recently, someone exploded or burned every building on their farm except the big house. Some Fannons claim it was to kill the invading Dancers, but others claim it involved an old grudge.
o Add Your Rumors.


Take a Walk, Passion Pit

Little Lion Man, Mumford & Sons

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