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Current Family Members

Name Deed Name Player Name/Link Rank Breed Auspice Camp Location
RJ Campbell Dusk Talon Bernard Dawson Fostern Homid Ragabash Sun Lodge Toronto, Canada
Oliver Knight Hawk's Bloody Claws R Draper Athro Homid Ahroun Sun Lodge Sept of the Oak Vale
Erecul Tophroi Falcon's Grasp of Truth Jacob A. Athro Homid Philodox Sun Lodge Sept of the Oak Vale

Legendary Lineage - Knight

Great Great Great Grandfather: Charles Knight, Silver Fang Athro Ragabash - 1775 to 1850
Great Great Grandfather: Matthew Knight, Silver Fang Athro Ahroun - 1830 to 1864
Great Grandmother: Hannah Knight - 1860 to 1920
Grandmother: Danielle Knight, Silver Fang Elder Theurge - 1920 to Current
Father: George F. Knight, Silver Fang Elder Galliard - 1954 to Current
Son: Oliver Knight - 1984 to Current

Legendary Lineage - Campbell

Mother: Queen Mary Campbell
Son: RJ Campbell

Legendary Tales

Heroic Tales

Lineage Organiser

Player Email: Rowan Draper
Storyteller Email: VST Email

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