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The Howard Family

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The Howards are a lineage mostly of Silver Fangs. They are known to be well connected, driven, and dedicated in their support for The Garou Nation and the war against The Wyrm. The birth moon of each member of the family is noted so that their training to be Garou can begin as a child, even before they can be trusted to know what they are training for. Those that change begin their new lives with a head start. Those that don't are moved into positions where they can aid the war effort in less direct ways and where they can take over the day to day details of keeping the family running. Since administration is considered a waste of Garou time and within the capabilities of kinfolk the family tends to have an odd dynamic. In matters of family most Howard Garou submit to senior kinfolk, and the patriarch/matriarch of the family is almost always kin.

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In the mid seventeenth century High King Aaron Everstone's folly led to the death of the garou of House Winter Snow. Many died in battle. The rest were lost to Harano. This left their kin without garou to defend them and without a way to serve The Nation. John Charles Howard, the High King's kinfolk cousin, took it upon himself to rectify this. He arranged several marriages and adoptions to the other houses. Many went to the nearby houses Austere Howl and Gleaming Eye. Others went with the growing houses Unbreakable Hearth and Wyrmfoe. As a widower his own second marriage was the last he arranged. He and many of his family were taken in by House Wyrmfoe on the condition that they move with their new family to the American Colonies. By 1670 more than a dozen former Winter Snow kin had settled in Virginia.

The Howards have spread across America, flourishing with the growth of their house, but they stay connected. Every year the patriarch or matriarch hosts a reunion for all the kinfolk of the family. These gatherings are half party and half business. The Howards catch up, discuss how to help The Nation, and arrange to help each other and the house.

The current patriarch is Charles Howard of the Kansas City Howards. Ninety three years old, grandpa Charlie is failing physically and mentally. It is expected that he will pass in the next few years. It is unclear who will take he place when he passes, and he has chosen not to clarify saying that his will makes everything clear. Until then the reunions take place on his property in rural Johnson County Kansas.

The Kansas City Howards

The family of the current patriarch came to the Kansas City in 1867. Connections among the Iron Riders had informed them of the impending construction of the first rail bridge across the Missouri River, and the family took advantage by speculating on real estate on both sides of the river. The Howards have been a fixture in Kansas City ever since. Heavily invested in real estate, shipping, and construction and ever present in society circles, there are few pies the Howards can't get their fingers into.

The San Diego Howards

In the 1950s James L. Howard Moved his wife and Son to San Diego to invest in the then booming Tuna Fisheries. The family's business interests thrived. But they were always few in number and plagued with early deaths. So much so that his only granddaughter, Jennifer Ann, had to be raised by a distant cousin. Fortunately these cousins foresaw the demise of the tuna industry in San Diego and moved the family assets to other areas. Also fortunately they managed to introduce young Jennifer to the love of her life, Vasily Stepanov, the future father of her son. This Son, Byron Stepanov, is the first Howard cousin to be born with the shifter's gift in San Diego. Hopefully he will be able to lead the family to better fortunes.

Family Tree

  • Charles E. Howard
& Anne de Bourbon
  • Huxley Howard "The Devil You Know"
& Ai-Shi Tse
& Yaochuan
  • Julong Zheng "Shadows Reflection"
  • Gouwei Zheng
  • Qiaolian Zheng "Shatters Reality"
  • Janhang Zheng "Salt and Iron"
  • Yaolin Zheng
  • Adon's Mother
& Adon's Father
  • Robert Howard
& Victoria Krane
  • Aaron Howard
& Emma Vanderbuilt
  • Isabella Howard
  • James L. Howard
& Carol
  • David S. Howard
& Deborah
  • Jennifer Ann Howard
& Vasily Stepanov


  • John Charles Howard was the rightful Duke of Norfolk but gave it up to serve The Nation.
  • A significant number of Howards still revere Wyvern, who was the totem of House Winter Snow.
  • Huxley Howard will screw anything and has kids around the world.
  • Huxley Howard was disowned by the family decades ago.
  • Tristan Howard is adopted.
  • William Henry Howard is adopted.

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