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Luciano Conglomerate ~ Heroic Lineage Notable Traits

Our founder was a founding member of the Wise Guys camp that is now defunct and has been rolled into the Corporate Wolves Camp in recent years. Part of this includes trying to have an organized crime family in which this lineage is based around. This family doesn’t have to be glasswalker or garou only as we will take in a few adoptees. However we prefer to do more than be in a lineage in which there isn’t any collaborative stories told with fellow players.

The family will be organized crime/corporate based around the recent death of the "Don" during the Apocalypse conflict and how the children take on both the benefits and drawbacks of their heritage/empire. The big trope of the concept is the Wise Guys taking over the Corporate Wolves from within. We’d like to have an extended family of garou and kin that either have membership or are family within the Luciano Conglomerate.

Lineage Members

Player Email: Don Luciano Contact Info

Storyteller Email: VST Email

Glasswalker Lineage Directory
Name Deed Name PC or NPC Player Name/Link or VST Rank Breed Auspice Camp Sept City
Arnold Luciano Clickbait PC Tommie Boatwright Adren Homid Galliard Corporate Wolves Sept of the Gathering Tides San Juan, PR
Harold Luciano Strangelove PC Jeremy Norton Fostern Homid Theurge CyberDog Sept of Fallen Heroes Macon, GA
Arianna 'Ari' Luciano Emergence PC Aldea Boaz Fostern Homid Theurge CyberDog Sept of Hope's Resurgence Atlanta, GA
Jonathan "Jon" Luciano Argues with Circuits PC David K. Fostern Homid Theurge Corporate Wolves Sept of Hope's Resurgence Atlanta, GA
Diana Luciano Enrages the Corrupt PC Kathleen Malone Cliath Homid Ragabash Corporate Wolves Sept of Fallen Heroes Macon, GA
Kevin McKinnon Mudkipper PC Tyler Patterson Cliath Homid Ragabash TBD Sept of Hope's Resurgence Atlanta, GA
Unreleased Tech Support PC Sarah H. Adren Homid Ragabash TBD Sept of the Found NRV, Virginia

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