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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Iron Triangle Distributors, Ltd.

Until recently, Iron Triangle has been headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. This is logical for a truck freight company in the central United States. In May 2018, various legal and police actions, media scandals, and physical attacks on ITD resources utterly destroyed the company as an entity. The sudden end of the company left many former employees unemployed and in the lurch, many of whom are Fomori.

(IC news coverage of these events is available from the Makin' Bacon Plot POC upon request.)

Members of the Board of Directors

Since the attacks staged against ITD in May 2018, the Board of Directors has been at large, presumably with figurative "golden parachutes." Numerous abandoned employees are disgruntled about this.

+ Organizational Chart +

Jerzy Król
At Large - transparent.png
Jerzy Krol photo.jpg
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Lucas Spendthrift, Esq. Graham Hindler
Lucas Spendthrift.png
Iron Triangle Logo.jpg
Graham Hindler.jpg
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Chief Operations Officer (COO)
James Abney Elle Ness
James Abney.jpg
Hogtown's Best Logo.png
Elle Ness.jpg
Chief Production Officer (CPO)
Chief Research Officer (CRO)

Recent Actions of the Board

Pentext Global.jpg
  • In early May 2018, the Board put many St. Louis employees on furlough and attempted to stage a rapid withdrawal of the company from Missouri.
  • The Board fled the public eye to save themselves from scandal and legal repercussions that could land them in jail for centuries.


  • Iron Triangle is a puppet of Pentex Corporation.
  • Leaked ITD memos suggest that ITD security operations personnel were ordered to assassinate Bhictoria MacDougal.
  • Unlike other Pentex assets, ITD did not receive security details from the National Guard. Why?
  • The distribution deal with Hogtown's Best, Inc. was making ITD a killing.
  • The Board of Iron Triangle is looking for some place to land and take root again.

OOC Information

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Location: Members of the Board have been at large since the May 2018 attacks on ITD.

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