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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Arbiters

Totem: Roadrunner



Summer, 2014: The pack was formed, with the intent to reduce the schism between groups within the shifter nation.
Late 2014: Alex "Walks the Weave" becomes Talesinger and Neil "No Scope" becomes Wyrmfoe for the Sept, leaving Flux in the position of Alpha.
2015: The Bone Gnawer Legend, Wrecking Ball, calls for aid.
2015-2017: various quests to rid the Phoenix area of Wyrm influence. Flux gains Spirit Notoriety for being late in finding an area to cleanse and bringing Weaver spirits to help.


  • You see those spiders that skitter on their shoulders? I heard they do some real Matrix shit and hack into their brains. They're puppets of the weaver.

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Storyteller: Michael Day

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