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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Argiope's Web
Classification: Motif
Life Cycle: Youngbloods
Organizational Structure: Collective Pack
Spirit Totem: Argiope (Golden Garden Spider), Totem Spirit of Wisdom
Purpose: Focus the Spiritual assets and prowess of the Pack into a sufficient rampart, against which all enemies will break.


Prime Auspice Ragabash:
Prime Auspice Theurge: Yuletide Cheer
Prime Auspice Philodox: Lilian
Prime Auspice Galliard:
Prime Auspice Ahroun: Parker Davignon
Clara Davignon
Teddy Davignon


Totem Description

Argiope is patient. She does not act rashly, or react in anger; her tactic is instead to gather information, learn her opponent's pattern, and ensnare them in an inescapable trap at the moment of their greatest weakness. Though she seems static and motionless, Argiope does not rest. Argiope waits. Argiope plans. Argiope is patient.


  • Three Spiders, Two Foxes, Two Wolves, a Coyote...and now a Bear?! Is this a pack, or a Mother Goose Tale gone horribly wrong?! Oh.....slight correction. One Wolf.
  • A lot of the members travel often with a Rokea Kinfolk when they come to town, offering protection.


  • Quote here.


OOC Information

Player: Troll Sandoval

Storyteller: MJ Jackson & Andy Lambert

Storyteller Email: San Antonio VST Email & Houston VST Email

Location: San Antonio, TX & Houston, TX

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