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Information Known by the Garou Nation


Name: Beneath Strange Skies

Totem: Sarantsuurai

Notable Totem Traits:
When manifesting in the Material Realm, Sarantsuurai typically appears
as a (traditional Mongolian) formally dressed human woman, though she
can assume many forms with the Gift: Thousand Forms. Within the Umbra,
she appears the same, only as a projection of moonlight across clouds.



Beneath Strange Skies are a new pack with a short, but already somewhat mysterious, history.

Journey of the Pack

Beneath Strange Skies formed and bonded with Sarantsuurai at the Sept of Witnessing Mountains in Altai Tavan Bogd National Park in Mongolia in 2017. The sept, where several of them called home, was itself founded only in 2015. They spent their first winter as a pack there, and then made ready to cross the Russian Far East and the Bering Strait to North America in Spring of 2018. It remains to be seen what role they may play in the war against the Wyrm in North America during the Age of Apocalypse.

Journey of the Totem

Impressionistic Origin of Sarantsuurai.jpg

Before 2015, no Theurge had ever heard of a totem called Sarantsuurai. It is said that she is the spirit reflection of a Garou who starved in the Umbra, and that somehow Beneath Strange Skies saw fit to seek her out as their pack totem. Few outside her dedicated pack have ever encountered her. Given how Sarantsuurai is still largely unknown and not established as an ally to the Nation as other older totems are, some Garou may be wary of her.

Sarantsuurai is an unknown quantity, and her tale will not be commonly known until Beneath Strange Skies shares it with the Garou Nation.


  • Sarantsuurai was formerly a Theurge from the Sept of the Stars.
  • Sarantsuurai was a Ronin cast out from the Sept of Witnessing Mountains.
  • One sees in Sarantsuurai now what one might have seen in Chimera or Uktena before the Age of Myth, when the great totems were still young.
  • The secret of Sarantsuurai's origin conceals with it a grave violation of the Litany.

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