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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Beta Rho Omicron (ΒΡΟ)
Totem: Gator
Classification: Motif (Knowledge)
Life Cycle: Wayfarers
Organizational Structure: Democratic
Alpha/Leader: President Harry


Character Name Deed Name Tribe/Breed Auspice Rank Pack Position
Harry Rex Harris Brothers' Keeper Ajaba Midnight (Philodox) Adren President
Matthew Kyle Waters Hangs Ten Rokea Dimwaters (Galliard) Swims in the Shallows (Fostern) Master-at-Arms
Derek Kodi Brooks Sergeant at Arms Gurahl Arcas (Ragabash) Arcas (Cliath)
Jacqueline Love No Contest Nuwisha Ragabash Fostern
Crystal Anderson Throws the Shade Kitsune Doshi (Theurge) Fostern Secretary
Idgie  ?  ? Ragabash Fostern




OOC Information

Player Contact: Joshua Graham

Storyteller: Mike Boaz

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