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Totem: Alligator Snapping Turtle

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BTP Claw.png Alpha, Executioner's Resolve, Adren, Galliard, Uktena
BTP Claw.png Beta, Tor Varg, Fostern, Ahroun, Get of Fenris
BTP Claw.png Old Ironsides, Adren, Ahroun, Glass Walkers
BTP Claw.png Atermis Lassiker, Cliath, Ahroun, Black Fury
BTP Claw.png Spirit Chaser, Fostern, Theurge, Stargazers
BTP Claw.png Omega, Taken.
BTP Claw.png PC PAGE


BTP Claw.png 2-24-2018, Operating as an unofficial pack, the original three are sent on a mission to complete for membership into the Sept of the Rising Moon. Succeed and the Pack joins the Sept.
BTP Claw.png Officially Formed 3-1-2018, after searching for a local corrupted Turtle spirit, cleansing it and then bonding to it as Totem for the pack.
BTP Claw.png Executioner’s Resolve takes Alpha of the pack as part to appease Alligator Snapping Turtle as a Pure Lander and Older Brother Tribe, as well as highest ranking purelander.
BTP Claw.png Tor Varg takes Beta of the Pack for war counseling.
BTP Claw.png That Asshole reaches a power level of over 9k and is blessed with the position of Omega by Gaia, a duty fit for the only Ragabash in the pack.
BTP Claw.png 3-7-2018, 3 new members join the pack.
BTP Claw.png Artemis Lassiker.
BTP Claw.png Old Ironsides.
BTP Claw.png Spirit Chaser.
BTP Claw.png New Historical Notes.

Lists of achievements and stories that involve the pack are recorded here.

BTP Claw.png Formation of Black Turtle Pack And Reclaiming Alligator Snapping Turtle
BTP Claw.png Three plus Three is Pack - New Story Pending completion.
BTP Claw.png Kin is Pack, Family of Blood
BTP Claw.png Deeded That Asshole


BTP Claw.png This is a pack serious about their duty.
BTP Claw.png Their Omega is completely serious all the time. He needs more tacos and beer. And a vacation.
BTP Claw.png #PurelandersFTW
BTP Claw.png Rumors.
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Player Contact: Elexeia Rouse
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