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Briar Pack

"All the world will be your enemy, Prince with a Thousand Enemies,
and whenever they catch you, they will kill you.
But first they must catch you."


Known to the Nation

Name: Briar Pack

Totem: Jackrabbit

Style: Motif

Structure: Collective


Gordon Fannon - Philodox
Maeve Fannon - Galliard
Boar Slayer - Ahroun
Spirit Chaser - Theurge
Drinks with Spirits - Theurge
Thomas Glenanne - Theurge
Douglas Fannon - Ahroun

Former Members

Matthew Fannon - Ahroun [DECEASED]


Initially formed to hunt down and kill the Black Spiral Dancer 'Eater of Kinfolk', the pack asked clever Jackrabbit to grant them the athleticism and guile needed to get the job done. The pack has since expanded in its purpose. Now it serves to protect Kinfolk at large from forces of the Wyrm and the brutality of other Garou. Known for slightly jaded mannerisms, laconic sense of humor, and typically unconventional plans of action; Briar Pack is a dark horse within its own Sept. And if you ask any of them about it, they like it that way.


Storyteller: MJ Jackson

Storyteller Email: VST Email

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