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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Totem: Libra, Constellation of Balance
Classification: Motif (Cleansing/Balance)
Life Cycle: Wayfarers
Organizational Structure: Democratic
Alpha/Leader: President Bassem


Character Name Tribe/Breed Auspice Rank Pack Positions
Arnold "Clickbait" Luciano Glass Walker Galliard Adren
Bassem Habib Bastet (Bubasti) Dawn (Ragabash) Fostern President
Drinks Deep Uktena Theurge Athro
Jake "Doc" Hargrove Gurahl Kieh (Theurge) Kieh (Athro)
Natalia Richardson Ananasi Myrmidon (Ahroun) Fostern
Nerissa St. Claire Ananasi Viskr (Philodox) Fostern
Penelope "Nella" St. Claire Ananasi Wyrsta (Galliard) Fostern Secretary
Rika "Kireji" Komaeda Tsukigami Kitsune Gukutsushi (Philodox) Adren




  • They hate everyone.
  • They secretly want to take over the whole Sept.
  • They like bunnies.
  • New rumor here.

OOC Information

Player Contact: Tommie Boatwright
Storyteller: Mike Boaz

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