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"During the Cold War, we lived in coded times when it wasn't easy and there were shades of grey and ambiguity. " -- John le Carre



"Hoohkay, here is plan... is not the best plan, but is plan" -- The Damn Rat

Where the Cards Got Left

  • Terre Haute, Indiana: Sept of the White Stone Tower (August 2017) - Journeyed to assist the mission to save the caern seed from being lost by delaying some mobile forces.


  • It's the Rat's Fault. Trust me. Rat's Fault.
  • Mountain Shadow spends an uncomfortable amount of time investigating Zoos.
    • He claims it's educational.
  • Nizhoni is a medical doctor.
  • Cold War's territory is overrun with generations upon generations of Iakov's progeny.
    • "That rumor is probably true...." --Iakov
  • Iakov and Vasiliy pray nightly to their deity, the charming and everlasting President Putin.
  • Iakov, Vasiliy and Nizhoni with Rusty have been working together on many "projects" since 2002.
  • Cold War only functions if the balance of American to Russian is maintained.
    • It is possible if an American fera ever joined the pack, they would be considered Russian... like it or not.
    • This is not true for a Russian garou. Are YOU going to tell the Russian garou that they are American?
      • Бог чертовски прав я буду!
  • Mountain Shadow is in open competition against Bastet everywhere for amount of naps taken.
    • The nap must be taken in the sunlight, in the most inconvenient spot possible to count.

OOC Information

Player Information: J. Cue, US2003031371; N.Cue US2008011606; N. Thurston; S. Poole

IA-001-D:The Asylum: WtA Venue Storytellers: J. Cue & N. Cue
IA-001-D: The Asylum: Domain Storyteller: L. Baustain

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