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Disciples of Jingu Bang

"Combat the Wyrm Wherever it Dwells
and Whenever it Breeds"


Including the city.

The little local businesses. The schools. The alleys. The labs. The boardrooms.

The Disciples of Jingu Bang, The Golden Hooped Rod of The Monkey King, keep an eye on the streets of the beltway sprawls, seeking the sign of the Wyrm and answering the call to battle.

Known to the Nation

Name: Disciplies of Jingu Bang

Totem: The Monkey King

Style: Motif

Structure: TBD


Blood Mirror
Dirty Dances with Wolves
Dream of Mystery
Forges with Fae
Without a Doubt
Willadeen Tate, known as Reads Books


As the Sept of the Flooded Plains grew in number, Dirty Dances with Wolves and Willadeen realized that the sept needed a pack that knew how to scout and hunt in the cities. Together with Forges with Fae, they formed The Disciples and welcomed other urban leaning Garou.




Storyteller: George Williams

Storyteller Email: MD-001-D Apoc VST Email

Thanks to Lindsay, the maker of the Briar Pack wiki page, for its use as a template.

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