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Guardians of the Deep

Sea Serpent.jpg

General Information

Totem: Sea Serpent, Totem of War
Sea Serpent is an angry and violent Wyld Spirit that patrons the pack Guardians of the Deep. Lurking in the depths of the gulf coast just off the shores of the Bastion, to strike her next target of unsuspecting victims.
Ban: Sea Serpent demands sacrifices of flesh. Hunt and kill in Sea Serpent’s name, failure to do so earns Sea Serpent’s ire.
Goal: Destroy enemies of the Wyld, Invasive species, polluting humans, protect and recover/defend caerns/caern seeds.

Shrine to Sea Serpent: located at the abandoned airstrip on the southern end of the island is a pile of bones and other left overs of kills done in Sea Serpents name or chiminage paid to the spirit.

Pack Organization: Collective
Pack Type: Motif
Pack Cycle: Wayfare

Members Lost


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OOC Information
Storyteller: Light's Keep VST
Storyteller Email:

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