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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Hickory Hunt

Totem: Hickory



The Hickory Hunt's members are all from among the Red Talons' youngest Garou whelped after the 2010 completion of the Rite of Still Skies. They were all newly past their First Change and bonded as a tribal pack of Cliaths when Sabine “Silver-Swift” LaCoix orchestrated the formation of the Sanctum of Gaia in 2011. Keeping to the most traditional ways of the Garou Nation and the Red Talons, the Hickory Hunt's members have earned much recognition as a young and gifted tribal pack, known especially for their cunning and resolve.

The pack moved to Southern Indiana in spring of 2013. They immediately assumed the status of local wardens for a pack of Red Talon Kinfolk descended from a pack that has been living in the Hoosier National Forest since 1986. (The result of a relocation effort commanded by their tribal forebear Horizon Eyes, Athro Red Talon Lupus Philodox, Leader of the nearby Sept of Brine Springs.)

Today, the Hickory Hunt roams the Hoosier National Forest and the Charles C. Deam Wilderness in Southern Indiana. They remain a strong voice of support for the Sanctum of Gaia's ideals.

Mountain Goat Stepper Treetop Hunter Leads Hills to Charge Hidden River Walker
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Adren Philodox Fostern Ragabash Fostern Ahroun Cliath Theurge


  • The Hickory Hunt was incensed by the death of "Torn Ear," one of the seven gray wolves in the local Kinfolk pack. "Torn Ear" was misidentified as a coywolf and shot on a farm near Shoals, Indiana in February of 2017. They were ready to kill Jesse Clarke "Trades Land and Paper" over the matter, but that was diplomatically averted... for the time being.
  • For a small pack, they get pretty territorial about an awful lot of the forested country in Southern Indiana.
  • Word is, the Hickory Hunt and the gray wolf Kinfolk they protect in the Hoosier National Forest were clearly the targeted prey of two packs of War Wolves in April. Fortunately, the Unbroken Tusks and some from Retribution and other packs came to their aid.
  • After making an admirable charge at the contest for Truthcatcher, it seems the Hickory Hunt has withdrawn from the new Sept of Renewed Valor.
  • Apparently Hickory Hunt, numbering four, and their six mature grey wolf Kinfolk in the Hoosier National Forest have an unusually low birth rate for wolf cubs, though the cub mortality rate is typical.

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