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"But what if the prey is very fast?" they asked Snapping Turtle.

Snapping Turtle's head shot forward like lightning, and it brought its mighty jaws together with a thunderous crack that echoed across the pond and sent birds into the air. "Be faster," it said.

"But in winter, the water becomes very cold - how will we survive?" they asked Snapping Turtle.

Snapping Turtle nodded its ancient, wrinkled head and let out a deep breath. Its breath was not warm, like a mammal's - it was cool, cold even. "Be colder," it said.

"But when the water freezes, how will we breathe?" they asked Snapping Turtle.

Snapping Turtle drank in a great breath and closed its nostrils. "Wait for the ice to melt," it said.

"But, Snapping Turtle, there are many great predators who are stronger and faster than we are. Surely, even the mightiest shell will eventually crack in their teeth."

Snapping Turtle, who had still not drawn breath, hoisted its great belly off the ground and crashed back into the earth. Stone shattered beneath its carapace.

"Crack their teeth first."

Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: High Water

Totem: Snapping Turtle



In early 2017, spurred by the news that a sept was forming outside the Wyrm-tainted city of Richmond, VA, this group of Fera and Garou came together under the mighty Snapping Turtle's auspice to join in reclaiming the area. They worked with the Sept to reclaim the Umbra along the James River, and even fought alongside the Avatar of their own Snapping Turtle to protect the waterways.

When the Eclipse brought havoc to the Umbra and the Nation, High Water traveled to the neighboring Sept of the Found, where they stood in defense of Caern and Seed. They've since established in the area.

OOC Information

Storyteller: Ricky Z

Storyteller Email: Apocalypse VST

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