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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Hoppin' Mad

Totem: Bullfrog



Many Bone Gnawers have operated in Southern Indiana since the mid 1800s, and Hoppin' Mad is only the most recent group of them to be "in charge" as far as that tribe is concerned. Formed locally in the 1970s, the pack embraced both the charge to adaptability shared by all Frog's children and the belligerence and imposing stature of Bullfrog in particular. They're a fightin' pack, but they're a quick and slippery lot.

Hoppin' Mad has traditionally been a large pack, but it suffered massive casualties in the 1994 battle to take and cleanse a local Hive. They were just getting strong again when, after the fall of the Sept of Brine Springs, High King Albrecht issued his call to arms in 2009. Hoppin' Mad answered.

Over the next two years, Hoppin' Mad persevered. Many died, and many were recruited. By 2011, once the Umbra had been healed, there had been a complete turnover of the pack's membership. In honor of their fallen, the survivors of Hoppin' Mad came to the Southern Indiana to take up the role that their pack had always fulled in this area, though none of its newly field-recruited members really knew the area.

Of course, that was all years ago. Nowadays, Hoppin' Mad knows its turf, and Bullfrog has a prolific pack of followers surrounded by many of their tribal Kinfolk.

A subset of the pack, called the Rangers were formally based in Bedford, keeping up ties with their Kinfolk from Seymour to Loogootee and at all points between. They were also Hoppin' Mad's fast attack squad. But in July of 2017 they split away.


  • They're not just the biggest pack around... they have the most Kinfolk trained on hand, too. Instant army, out of the woodwork...
  • They claim the role of negotiations with the local Ratkin. No one challenges that, but no one believes it's a rosy friendship, either.
  • The "Rangers" had been drifting away from Hoppin' Mad for a while. This is sometimes how new packs are formed.
  • In mid-May, Hoppin' Mad went on the warpath, or Amber Alert, or something. Something about missing Kinfolk...
  • Is it internal unrest, or is Hoppin' Mad just suffering from IBS? The latter seems unlikely after what Gnawers have been known to eat...

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