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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: L337 Freaks

Totem: The Cloud The Cloud is a spirit of Wisdom that is a blend of the chaotic and unparalleled growth of the Wyld and the structure of the Weaver. A repository of knowledge and a reminder of the uncontrollable forces of nature, The Cloud has enjoyed a meteoric rise in the last few years.

  • Type: Wisdom
  • Ban: Followers must sync to the internet at least once per day.


Dr. Strangelove- Theurge, Homid, Glasswalker, CyberDog. President

Fights in the Shade- Ahroun, Metis, Shadow Lord, Lord of the Summit. Security (Master-at-Arms)

Enrages the Corrupt- Ragabash, Homid, Glasswalker

Cricket- Ragabash, Lupus, Glasswalker

Garrett- Theurge, Homid, Bone Gnawer

Deedsong- Galliard, Homid, Fianna

Ralph "Lightning Interdiction" Davis- Philodox, Homid, Shadow Lord


  • June 2014 the L337 Freaks mostly met at the founding of the Seed Caern in Macon, GA. Garrett, a survivor of the destruction of Macon's original Caern, Dr. Strangelove, Fights in the Shade, and Cricket all met while defending the arriving seed and in the subsequent mission to acquire a guardian spirit for the new Caern.
  • March 2017- Dr. Strangelove, Enrages the Corrupt, and Deedsong assist in establishing the Atlanta Caern.
  • March 2017- Local Sept officers are in Flux and multiple pack members become Sept officers and the Pack was named Champion in the Pack Tournament.



OOC Information

Storyteller: Daphne Johnson

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