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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Lux Tenebris

Totem: Panther



A relatively new pack, Lux Tenebris was formed by cousins Alexios Laskaris and Tanika Dvorak to cross faction and tribe borders in the interests of unifying and strengthening the disparate groups amongst the Nation and their allies to better fight the Wyrm and defend Gaia. Pack members can have very different views on how to go about this, but the pack overall agrees that multiple approaches are needed, and each pack member has his or her own particular focus and method.


Lux Tenebris is a meritocracy pack. The alpha of the pack is whichever member is best suited to the situation in terms of knowledge, skill, and experience. This often correlates to auspice, but not always. If anyone feels that they would be better suited to the role of Combat Alpha, Spirit Alpha, Law Alpha, etc., then they can challenge the incumbent and prove it through a relevant challenge. When no particular situation is happening, alphaship currently defaults to Tanika Dvorak.

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Storyteller: Eddie Sanchez

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