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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Mudhole Stompers

Totem: Cockroach



Kneecap and Beau are a pair of Bone Gnawers who met shortly after Beau was Bitten and accepted into the tribe. They follow the whims of the spirits, bashing and stomping wherever bashing is needed. Sometimes, they pick up pack members in the place where they roost. At the moment, they have landed in Houston at the Sept of the Bayou's Rage, which clearly needed some Ahrouns to do some hardcore bashing. The Gnawers are always happy to accommodate.

Once in Houston, the Stompers absorbed another small pack who seemed to need some muscle. With the acquisition of a Child of Gaia, a Nuwisha, and a Bubasti Bastet, the pack was nearly complete. The current Theurge, while around, has been busy with his spiritual and human duties and thus has had his attention to those things as of late. Now if they could only replace the Galliard that left the pack.

After the absorption of the smaller pack, the Bubasti Philodox (or Twilight in her people's terminology) has taken up a leadership role and named Kneecap her beta. Roland (the Nuwisha) joined the nation shortly thereafter. Fatima tends to lead the pack like a democracy, with her as the tie-breaking vote, rather than a traditional head of group.


  • No one has ever heard of this pack. Where did they *really* come from?
  • There's been a lot of chicken strips and Whataburger consumed at pack social nights.

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