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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: No Thru Traffic


We licked them, they're ours:


2010 - Trash Burns Brightly, Glow Bug and Scraps work together to defeat a dangerous spirit in the CyberRealm.
2012 - Trash, Crazy Turtle, Glow Bug and Scraps solidify their bonds and pledge themselves to assist Keeper of the Neon Warren.
2012 - Vital roles in bringing the Shard Caern to life for the Sept of Shadowed Wisdom. Established the connection to the Sept Totem. 2012-2017 -

  • No Thru Traffic, brings in 5th member Kneels to None.
  • Establishes Pack Territory somewhere in Los Angeles County.
  • Work with other locals to begin clearing out areas of downtown LA, block by block.
  • Part of a Contigent of local packs that help make extensive rezoning and regulations in planting new Redwoods in local area.
  • Solidified territory and Sept with two members having positions in the Auspice Council.


  • The pack has had ties to nearly every Fera in the sept from before they were allowed to join the Nation.
  • For reasons unknown, they are stockpiling fetishes. Some say it is a form of spirit slavery, others whisper that the pack knows something the rest of the Sept doesn't.
  • Known to have a territory in a near Umbral Realm.
  • Plan on stealing the Shard Seed to replace it in the City once its cleared out of Banes.
  • Get drunk or high, to wander the Umbra and make fetishes. They don't actually have a goal in mind, they just wind back up in the Material World with Spirits and items in tow.
  • Pack is trying to get its members in every seat of the Auspice Council in the local sept.
  • Has a rivalry with another pack of the local area, one that has lead to bloodshed.
  • Is cursed by Owl for their following of a Neon Rat.


Keeper of the Neon Warren.

Incarnae Keeper is a digital rat spirit from the CyberRealm, His digitized body sometimes shows up as a pixelated 8bit character (gaffling) to a slick streamlined modern day computer generated variant(Incarnae) and the whole gambit in between. Each one from Top to bottom however has some characteristics they share. They all glow with shifting neon colors that span the spectrum, and when speaking they have sparks shooting from their mouths, the more powerful spirits of the brood even sometimes have thunderclaps happen when they first open their mouths to their followers. Keeper of the Neon Warren, is still a rat at heart and loves to find secrets, shiny trinkets, and creating safe and desirable nests(Fetishes), for both its own brood and for other spirits.

Totem Type Wisdom
Keeper helps its packs and followers find and keep secrets and lore.


Keeper is a relatively new spirit that has crept up on the Garou Nation and the Umbra as a whole. Long standing animosity between Rat and everything Weaver has put a strain on many Glass Walkers and Bone Gnawer alliances. But Keeper sees that in the Age of Apocalypse the two need to come together, rat and weaver together as one and embodies that duality. Keeper travels the neon highway, from Open Signs, to the Glamour of Las Vegas, Keeper reaches the world far and wide where there is civilization.


Keeper is trying to bridge the gap between Weaver and Rat, knowing that rat does not understand and hates most weaver tech and spirits. Keeper is attempting to show the Brood of Rat that they can find homes and places alongside other weaver spirits within the cityscapes that make up the majority of their living spaces.

Suggested Bans

  • Never harm a rodent for any reason.
  • Keep charged batteries with you at all times. (you never know when a neon light needs a boost)
  • Use no product that has been tested on rodents.
  • Turn on any neon light whenever possible. The glow gives power to Keeper, and allows for beacons of safe travel.
  • Once a Month, hold a rave/party with heavily synthesized music as the main focus.
  • Leave food behind dumpsters and near sewer entrances once a week.



  • Keeper is actually a wyrm creature trying to corrupt the brood of Rat from the "inside"
  • Keeper has come to packs all over the world that consist of Bone Gnawers, Glass Walkers or Ratkin.
  • If given enough "juice"(gnosis) a gaffling will explode in a shower of chemicals only to be reformed into a jaggling.
  • The Incarnae appear as Volks Wagon Beetle size neon rats.
  • Has the secrets to long lost gifts of the Bone Gnawer and Glass Walker tribes.
  • Sees and hears anything that happens near a Neon Light, anywhere in the material world.

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Storyteller: Justin Searles

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