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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Project Mayhem

Totem: Weasel


  • Caprice
  • Diego
  • Howls like Coyote
  • Gogol
  • Chayton
  • Voice of Rage


The Corax Caprice witnessed Diego attempting to cross the US/Mexico border. So she aided him. The two soon ran into Howls like Coyote who was following the one-eyed Gogol out of curiosity. Curiosity is good enough reason to follow Gogol for all of them - who followed him into a bar where he started a fight with the Bitten Chayton. In delight, they all participated. The group became a pack in honor of the spirit Tyler Durden, who is an aspect of Weasel.

In April 2017, Caprice came across a dead garou in the Umbra. She politely ate his eyes and saw that Columbus, Ohio needed garou and fera to help reclaim it from the Weaver. So the group headed there looking for glory.

They quickly won a reputation for being the first to volunteer, the first to act, the first to fight.

They cleansed and claimed the territory of Carl Frye Park and its neighboring houses.

In May 2017 they were charged to clean the underground caves of High Banks Park from the Wyrm.


  • They start a fight at every gathering.
  • Not a one was born homid.

OOC Information

Storyteller: Alex Rushing and Courtney Jackson

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