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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Rangers

Totem: Weasel



Their reasoning is unclear, but the Rangers broke away from Hoppin' Mad in July of 2017. They'd always operated as a semi-autonomous mobile contingent, so perhaps it's not surprising that they eventually found their own way.

The Rangers are usually based in Bedford. They have a history of keeping up ties with their Kinfolk from Seymour to Loogootee and at all points between. Their general reputation is as a fast attack squad.


  • The "Rangers" were drifting away from Hoppin' Mad for a while before the split. This is sometimes how new packs are formed.
  • They didn't explain their choice to join the sept, only warning the Sept Leader not to "cramp our style."
  • Why did they choose to join on that particular day? Was it the Truthcatcher challenge? Was it that Hickory Hunt left the sept only an hour before? Was it something else? Why join a mainly Sanctum sept run by a Get of Fenris?

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