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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Seiryuu's Chosen

Totem: Seiryuu

Territory: The Pack is based out of Buda, Texas, around the Temple of the Most Blessed Church of Our Silent Mother and extending into the nearby Stagecoach Park and Onion Creek basin.


Honored Dead:


The Pack was originally formed in Buda, TX by Geralt ibn Herza in 2012 as Garou came to Austin after the beginning of the Age of Apocalypse. The original members were Geralt, Uplifting Laughter, Korumaku, Ember, and Witness. Loki joined early in 2013. Kaleb joined the Pack in early 2016, and Walks with Spirits and Hel's Chosen joined in early 2017.

  • Late April/Early May 2017: Hel's Chosen dies fighting the Wyrm




  • Name: Seiryuu from the East / 東からの清流
  • Rank 5 Jaggling (WP = Rank; Gnosis and Health = 2x Rank)
  • Specializations: Empathy, Linguistics, Lore, Occult
  • Gift Specializations: Theurge
  • Ban: "Secrets are best when shared, but shared wisely. Trust your pack with your secrets and never be alone."
  • Goal: To solve mysteries and unravel enigmas.
  • Notes: Sieryuu bids 10 on challenges they do not specialize in, 15 on ones they do.

OOC Information

Storyteller: John P.

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