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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Separation of Powers

Totem: Opossum



Separation of Powers is small pack operating primarily in the cities of Bloomington and Columbus, Indiana. Formed originally by Jesse Clarke "Trades Land and Paper" in 2005, the early pack was the latest in a long line of Glass Walker (and earlier, Iron Rider) packs operating in Southern Indiana since the mid 1800s. When the caern to Bobcat was lost and the Sept of Brine Springs dispersed in 2008, the pack remained local until they answered the call of High King Albrecht in 2009. Jesse Clarke "Trades Land and Paper" returned as the lone survivor in 2011. In 2012 he reformed the pack with new recruits and sought out Opossum again, and they have resumed their role as a major local force in the constant dance to deal with the local Vampires and the Bloomington Ratkin Colony.

Separation of Powers is known as a political and financial benefactor of the Concordat of Stars.


  • Separation of Powers only occasionally gathers in one place. Instead, they simultaneously operate in Bloomington, Columbus, and Seymour.
  • Not that they were ever good, but relations between Separation of Powers and Hickory Hunt have been deteriorating this year.
  • When three Tornado Jagglings parked in the Penumbra of Bloomington for a few weeks, it really messed with the pack's management of human and urban interests... data loss was among the worst Gauntlet-crossing effects, since it corrupted or deleted a lot of banking data.
  • Separation of Powers has not been very receptive to the local development of the new Sept of Renewed Valor

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