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Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins

Current Members

  • Ashanti, Steals the Ninth Life, Dawn of the Ajaba, Adren, Alpha, Sloth
  • Bexley, Data Corellation, Ragabash of the Corax, Fostern, Beta, Wrath
  • Danny, Weighs the Scales, Philodox of the Silent Striders, Fostern, LoreMaster, Envy
  • Jacob Hannigan, Dawn of the Bastet, Historian, Pride
  • Carrie, Bored Now, Ragabash of the Corax, Fostern, Omega, Greed
  • Hunter of Secrets, Quinn-Hunter of Secrets, Theurge of the Uktena, Fostern, Banetender, Gluttony



Chimera, Totem of Wisdown

Chimera is the totem of the Stargazers, and favors goals that aid them. She seeks to bring enlightenment through many-faced wisdom, and values enigmas and puzzles.


Followers of Chimera must seek and quest for enlightenment


Description coming soon

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