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Establish the Sisterhood of SquadGoals wherever you go.

Our word to each other:

I, <state your deed name>, swear to honor and defend my Sisters of SquadGoalss and to faithfully serve my Sisters among them. I swear to follow all rules set down by the SquadGoals Charter and any amendments to it.

In exchange for this service, I expect nothing more than the support of my Sisters through shelter, protection, and food enough to sustain my life.

Should I void my oath, let my lying tongue be stilled, and my thoughts be scattered, my bones broken and never reset and my back crushed under the weight of my guilt.

So swear I, <state your deed name>, on this day and forever more.




"Co-Captain" - Philodox - Josephine "Thundercat" Trevino

"Co-Captain" - Ahroun - Ragabash - Leah "Strides Forward, Shadow Dancer, Stalks Behind" Morningkill

"Sister" - Galliard - Chad "Bawn Treader" Scott

"Sister" - Ahroun - Angelica "Big in Spirit" Henley

"Sister" - Ahroun - Philodox - Emilia Blair "The Stormborn" Gellar

"Sister" - Galliard - Karma "Brought It" Nyne

"Sister" - Theurge - Jessica "Lends a Paw" Lodjurberg

"Sister" - Ahroun - Dennis "The Cub Who Lived"

"Sister" - Ahroun - "Claws of Fenris Might "

"Sister" - Theurge - Aiya "Grins Past Bloodied Teeth" Kodachi - Deceased

"Sister" - Ragabash - Silas "Looks Both Ways" Abernathy

"Sister" - Ragabash - Imperio Mavus


We’re rockin’, got sass, our balls are made of brass
We’re rulers, we’re queens, we’re hopped up on caffeine,
We’re awesome, we’re hot, we’re everything you’re not
We’re pretty, we’re prepped, we dominate the sept!
Who are we? The best! There’s really no contest!
We’re rockin', we smile, got Gaia on speed dial!
We’re athletic, we’re agile, and we’ve got killer style
We’re bold, not meek, our eyeliner’s on fleek
Watch out and beware, Fight the Wyrm in active wear!!
Hate us if you wanna, oh well we don't like you either!
We're cheerleaders!!
And we are warriors!!
Roll call!
It’s Thundercat!
Stalks Behind!! (Shh!)
Bawn Treader!! Rrrrr!!!!!!
I'm Big in Spirit (yeah!)
Just call me Stormborn!
I'm Karma Brought It!
That's right, I'm Lends a Paw
The Cub Who Lived!
Claws of Fenris Might ROAR!!!
Aiya "Grins Past Bloodied Teeth"!
Looks Both Ways "Man, I just drive the bus"
Imperio Mavus Yo!
And we are Squadgoals!!
We’re strong and we’re loud and we’re makin’ Gaia proud!!
We’re Squadgoals,
We are Squadgoals!!
Lets..... Go Squadgoals! *clap clap*
We are Squadgoals!! The mighty mighty Squadgoals!!
We're so terrific, we must be Squadgoals!!


This is how we roll:

The Right of Crossing says to let 'em come and go, They can stay for a day if there is no agro!

Emeritus means to give respect, If they earned it then we give it, that is how we act!

Sisters before Misters: if you both hit that, Let it go, unless he sucked then warn your Sisters o'that!

Hospitality requested will be given too, If it's Fera, if it's Kinfolk, or if it's Garou!

Your home is sanctuary, whether apartment or farm, Keep it safe and protected, let no action cause it harm!

These are the tenets of our pack so don't act the fool, We will always hold them sacred because SQUADGOALS RULE!


This is what we know:

Honor yourself, the Bitten, and the deformed, Cleanse yourself of the Unmaker or you will be harmed.

Honor your word, save the lies for the others, Our word is our bond to our sisters and brothers.

Honor your kin and kind, humans and cats the same, We must protect and heal them cause this shit ain't a game.

Honor the Earth, always report the polluters, Only death should stop you from hunting the poachers.

Honor the silence, for secrets are ours to remand, Share them when You desire, not when others demand!


Pack Totem: Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte wearing Uggs and an Infinity Scarf

Totem Affinities: Pack Link, 'Cause Bitches be texting! Spirit Bond, 'Cause we've got spirit, how 'bout you! Resilience, 'Cause Bitches be tough! Skill Aptitude: Brawl, 'Cause Bitches ain't afraid to knock you out! Umbral Aptitude, 'Cause bitches go where they like!

Totem Goals: Spread the word and the love of SquadGoals. Totem Ban: If it is meant to be a caffeinated beverage, whether it is coffee, tea, or soda, do not drink a decaffeinated version.



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