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Talons of Veles

Talons of Veles

Factual Information
Totem: Veles, Lord of the Forest
Location: The Eagle's Rest

Veles is powerful totem of the earth. A cunning spirit, often associated with deception and trickery, he is known to rage across the Umbra, battling spirits of thunder, lightning, and sky.

Veles is something of a composite entity, able to assist with a madrid of issues often paradoxical to each other. He is the master of both untamed wilderness and it’s beasts as well as the fat cattle and rich harvest. We controls the death of the Garou and their Kin, pairing it with the liveliness of the music and magics of their lives. When the spirit does appear to those that seek it (for it never seeks them directly) it is known if take a number of forms, each of them ripe with themes of strength or wisdom: a strong young man with horns and draped in ox skin, a gray-haired elder with a white beard and a shepherd’s staff, or a powerful brown bear with thick coat and hungry eyes.

The Lord of the Forest is a demanding totem, but one who’s crippling bans carry with them powerful boons. His followers are commanded to take what is their by might and by right, and to defend their possessions from all who would seek to liberate them. In pursuit he grants a number of blessings including strength of arm, powerful magic, and wisdom of lore otherwise lost. The exact nature of these gifts can vary pack to pack; all depending on what tricks are required in their lives and battles.

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