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Factual Information
Totem: Selene, Mistress of Moonlight

Level 15 Incarna

  • Ban: Packs dedicated to Selene can only have Garou and fera that react to the phases of the moon.

  • Specializations: Gnosis, Awareness, Dodge, Empathy, Intimidation, Leadership, Lore, Medicine, Occult, Subterfuge

  • Gift Specializations: Ragabash, Theurge, Philodox, Galliard, Ahroun

Selene is one of the most common avatars of Luna. Also known as Phoebe or Soktha, she most closely resembles Luna to those who wish to seek out an audience with the moon. She will tend to utilize gifts of the auspice in-line with the current phase of the moon, but is capable of using all gifts belonging to any auspice at any time.

Location: The Sept of The Second Chance

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