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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: The Band

Totem: Bat





  • "Guy" “Deliverer of Heads”, Ananasi, Ahroun
  • "Missy", Ananasi, Ragabash
  • Lucian “Lucy” Porter, Corax, Ragabash
  • Ivan Munin, Corax, Ragabash


Sept of Unearthed Silver, Denver CO


The Band began as an idea in the heads of the Corax, Ivan and Lucy. They teamed up with the Spiders, who in turn had befriended Bitty and Max. When Katherine Hayes came in to Denver, she decisively took the open Alpha position. The Band seem fiercely loyal to one another and their Alpha. After challenging Bitty for her Grand Klaive, Uncle Frankie was invited to seek membership in their pack. He was accepted by Katherine, and eventually took the role of Truth-catcher of the Sept. Bitty eventually left the pack over personal differences. They are a balanced Pack of Garou and Fera trouble-makers.


  • All of the members of The Band have some kind of musical talent
  • Three of their members are Bitten

Some of The Band resting after kicking ass

OOC Information

Storyteller: Conor Sexton

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