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The Old Brigade

"Now, my boy, I've told you why On Easter morn I sigh

For I recall my comrades all From dark old days gone by, I think of men who fought in glens With rifles and grenade

May Heaven keep the men who sleep From the ranks of the old brigade.

The Details

Name: The Old Brigade

Totem: Kathleen Ni Houlihan


Pack History

Formed by a mix of Fianna from Silver Tara and Burning Heart's predecessor septs, The Old Brigade has been involved with the sept of the burning heart since the seed was first planted. The Old Brigade's members have often been the first into the fray, and they've paid a very high price in blood for that honor. The current membership has begun working itself back into fighting shape, ready to do whatever is required for the sept to survive and thrive.


Kathleen is the embodiment of Eire and the patron of those who fight to reclaim what has been lost, especially those willing to die to do so. To her followers, she appears either as a destitute old woman or a young firebrand, urging her followers to take to the field. Kathleen accepts those willing to risk all for that which they hold dear.

Goals: Cathleen demands her followers protect the seed caern of their sept and reclaim lost Gaian areas wherever possible. Ban: Cathleen's followers are forbidden to leave the field of battle until the outcome is decided, either lost or won.


  • Designated Driver was assigned to the pack by the sept alpha to help keep an eye on the fianna. Its uncertain if he's there to keep them from drinking themselves to death in Harano or to keep them from throwing themselves into "another damn-fool idealistic crusade", but they haven't lost a member in the year he's been attached.



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OOC Information

Storyteller: Vin Alexander

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