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Name: Three-Eyes
Totem: Otter
Territory: DUMBO, Manhattan, NYC

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OOC Info

Location: New York, NY
Storyteller: John C.
Player Contact: Abby E.




A spirit of cunning and curiosity, Otter's lighthearted playfulness is reflected (more or less in some cases) in the pack's interactions with their neighbors and the world. It might be Eyeteeth's influence more than anything, but even the birds honor their totem by taking a particular interest in protecting the rivers and coastal areas of the city.




While individual members of Three-Eyes had known each other for years, the pack formally formed in early 2012, when Van came into possession of the This & That Curiosity Shoppe in DUMBO, Brooklyn, NYC, and offered to make it their base. Once she stopped laughing, Hereandthere enthusiastically accepted, and introduced Van to the shop's IT guy. Eyeteeth joined the original four members after being Bitten in 2014.

Though the Three-Eyes have never shied away from participating in the war and helping their Garou neighbors, it took them until March of 2017 to join the Sept of the Broken Green, ostensibly due to concerns over the potential conflict between the Litany of the Garou Nation and their Breed Litanies. With the rise of the very liberal-minded Hollis Faraday as Sept Leader, right time arrived.




  • In order to win the patronage of Otter, the birds had to learn how to swim.
  • There is a secret sixth member, a mokole who lives in the sewers.
  • Eyeteeth is the only member of the pack that you can't bribe with cheap bling.
    • Eyeteeth likes cheap bling better even than Hereandthere - rhinestones are tasty.


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